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Maximizing Poultry Processing Efficiency: Harnessing Automation and Digital Solutions

Mar 12, 2024

In the evolving landscape of poultry processing, digital solutions offer many opportunities to enhance efficiency. With razor-thin margins driving innovation, optimizing every aspect of processing -from line utilization to resource management- becomes paramount.

As we anticipate the rapid arrival of new digital technologies in the years ahead, the imperative to prepare begins today. Our current efforts lay the foundation for the remarkable digital evolution on the horizon. Today marks the initiation of capturing crucial data at every stage of processing and establishing the digital platform from which future monitoring, reporting, and notifications will seamlessly emerge.

BAADER is dedicated to developing digital solutions as well as equipment aimed at capturing vital data during production. A prime example of this effort is the innovative AI-driven ClassifEYE 2.0 vision system. This self-learning system can be deployed at multiple points along the processing line, efficiently capturing and analyzing images to promptly report any anomalies. Whether on the conventional distribution line or during slaughter and evisceration, this cutting-edge technology heralds a transformative approach to process monitoring through image processing.

Discover more about the groundbreaking ClassifEYE 2.0 and other facets of BAADER's digital strategy in our latest Poultry News Bulletin.

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