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Celebrating 20 Years of EMYDEX

Excellent and Innovative Food Processing Software Solutions

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BAADER Is Part of the First Ras Salmon Plant in China

Onshore farming for fresher products

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Designing a Reliable Poultry Processing Plant

From farm to processing

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BAADERING Means Value Adding

The BAADER 608 is taking it to the next level

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Deine Ausbildung bei BAADER

Technisch, kaufmännisch oder duales Studium

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BAADER Stream food processing video platform


Explore our series of videos on everything from single machines to digital innovations in fish processing monitoring and control.

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Food processing innovation event by BAADER

BAADER Innovation Day

A platform where researchers, scientists and experts discuss, discover and explore challenges and opportunities for the future of food.

Food processing news about innovations and trends

News, Blog and Events

Read the latest on fish processing innovation, explore customer stories and get information about upcoming events.

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