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In close cooperation with our customers we successfully build ”next level” software for future ready food factories.

BAADER gives you dedicated food processing software tools to make the right decisions fulfilling the growing demands for food safety, better raw material utilization and sustainability
Next Level Traceability
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Single product traceability throughout the processing steps gives you extended information and pictures for each product in the box.
Next Level QC Control
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Lets you call out a single product for evaluation with extended product and machine information and lets you enter your score to eliminate paper work in the production.
Next Level Production Control
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BEST FIT production lets you plan and take distribution control over your raw material to be used with maximum raw material utilization and best sales order fit.
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Unconditional quality: At BAADER, our customers will always be our focus
Optimizing your production process
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BAADER Digitalisation offers a comprehensive and modular software package with unique tools to identify and correct problems occuring during production processes outside required specifications. It is scalable for a single unit to a complete plant with focus on key elements such as what and from where raw materials are brought in and handled ensuring traceability throughout the production facility.
Real-time monitoring of data for better decision making
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Decision making is supported by keeping an eye on the processes in real-time and immediatelynotifying you when processes exceed threshold targets, like for example yield, performance,utilization rates, line throughput or machine parameters. BAADER Digitalisation helps you navigate through production and find the optimal processing ways.
Minimizing Downtimes
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BAADER Digitalisation applications are designed for optimal uptime and provides the tools to assist technicians in addressing communication and sensor errors to ensure efficient on-site maintenance. This way the downtime of your machines is minimised while your capacity utilisation is optimised.
Traceability and food safety from reception to dispatch
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BAADER Digitalisation offers full traceability beginning with the reception of live fish. BAADER Digitalisation lets you control the factory intake with a clear traceability starting point all the way to dispatch. Complete product traceability is crucial to your production and your customers: Trace the problem to its supplier and remove contaminated products from your production.
Several fish processing systems with assembly lines

Use your raw material smartly

Get more out of your raw material by using new metrics dimension to distribute the raw material where it fits.

BAADER provides a suite of modules for order control, planning, forecast and distribution in real-time all based on the measured product condition.
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reTHINK your process control

Keep full track of key metrics to constantly improve quality, efficiency and yield to meet improved targets.

BAADER offers a wide range of products to monitor and control from single units to wall-to-wall solutions from reception to dispatch including pack and labelling. 
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Monitoring system with screen controlling fish processing
Person working on multiple BAADER office applications

We share to boost your business

One truth will enable better decisions and ease communication between people and systems.

BAADER recognizes the importance of sharing information for analytics to improve production performance and keep financial systems up-to-date. Business knowledge and Interfaces are provided to many IT systems and cloud solutions for Innovating Food Value Chains.
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We bring the production to you

Real-time information is the key to see how you are performing and make on-the-spot corrections to reach new performance targets.

The BAADER Process Navigator air dashboard is a performance and efficiency tool for tracking the productivity levels of machine performance. Typically, production volumes and capacities are monitored for machinery or process. These metrics and key information are then visualized on numbers, graphs and charts to provide real-time monitoring.
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A person with overall is working at the fish processing machine. A Dashboard in the front controls the performance

Our Software, Your Process

Process Navigator - OEE
Real-time performance dashboard with OEE to monitor processing equipment and processes with  real-time status of equipment availability and performance deviation alarms.
Order Processing and Planning
Control when, where and what to be executed in the factory. Live updates give the optimal flexibility to control goods distribution and correct when needed to deliver in due time.
Inventory - WMS
Keep track of your inventory when shipping and moving goods from one location to another or receiving incoming goods and pairing deliveries with purchase orders.
Tracking and Traceability
Both backward and forward traceability is provided for batch and single product tracking for lines and factory. Processing steps are logged for optimization, quality control and product recall.
Weigh, Pack and Label
Mark your products in boxes, pallets, trolleys from receiving until product is shipped.  Manual and automated weighing and labelling of goods ensure tacking where the goods are consumed or shipped.
Quality Control
Paperless and uniformed product control. BAADER quality control captures quality information from the production to make real-time improvements and increase food safety.
Yield Control
Make sure the raw material is utilized for optimal usage. BAADER provides yield control for the batch, and as financial yield and TrueYIELD® monitoring of the actual machine and line performance.
Equipment and Process Control
Setup machines, lines and distribution to ensure an optimal flow of the raw material in the factory. Processes are monitored and controlled in real-time to ensure highest flexibility.
Integration Services
BAADER Integration Services provide import and export interfaces to external systems for safe and robust data exchange, typically used for ERP systems.

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