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Innovative Setup for Smart and Gentle Handling of Fillets

Jan 18, 2021

Fillets are the most valuable part of the fish and need to be handled with care during processing in order to optimize hygienic packaging.

The packaging area at the end of the processing line is one of the most labour-intensive areas in the entire production, increasing the risks to hygiene and product quality. The more operators handling the fillet, the higher the risk of damage or contamination. As attention to food hygiene by consumers is rising, the need for automation at this stage of processing becomes apparent. Therefore, BAADER is proud to announce the launch of their latest innovation for smart and gentle handling of fillets at the end of the processing line: the BAADER 1850 grading and packaging system. Reduced fillet handling and gentle transport into boxes ensure maintaining the highest product quality and hygiene standards. In combination with the BAADER 1860 fillet inspector and the bag placing machine provided by their partner Niverplast, this solution opens up for a complete automation of the packing process.

Perfect synergy of the BAADER 1850 Grader, the BAADER 1860 Fillet Inspector and the bag placing machine by Niverplast

Gentle and hygienic fillet packing

In the packing and grading episode of the Salmon Sessions, BAADER experts illustrate the advantages of the brand new BAADER 1850 fillet packing grader. As part of the BAADER processing line, the machine is seamlessly integrated to its end, automatically distributing and packing fillets into boxes. The need for manual handling has been reduced to an absolute minimum. With the new system, “we closed the loop from raw fish to the packed fillet” Sina Tautz, Project Manager at BAADER, proudly states.

In addition, the BAADER 1850 ensures a controlled and optimized distribution towards further processing such as skinning, smoking or portioning. Conveyors are placed directly underneath the machine to transport the fillets to the desired location. Tracking of the trays and drop points permit tracing the fish per batches and per individual fillets from the fillet inspector to the box. For optimal fillet handling, quantity of drops and drop height are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Fillet transport inside the new BAADER 1850 Fillet Packing Grader

Unique and smart technology

What differentiates the BAADER 1850 solution from other providers from its competitors is its unique, smart technology for handling fillets. Instead of pushing the fillets to either side of the conveyor, they are gently transferred from the infeed conveyors onto stainless steel finger trays. These transport the fillets sideways to the corresponding drop point.

Fillets transport via finger trays inside the BAADER 1850 Fillet Packing Grader

The unique tilting function of the trays allows the fillets to be dropped in a flexible pattern to ensure optimized filling of the boxes, meaning no need for re-packing. When filled, the box is automatically moved from underneath the machine and transported to the final packing area. Furthermore, it is possible to turn the fillets from skin-side down to skin-side up, allowing an automatic packing process. Supported by the B’Logic Process Navigator Software, the system enables single fillet tracing and rating as well as smart and safe packing meat-on-meat and skin-on-skin. This is essential for hygiene and food safety. Usually, operators have to handle the fillets to ensure no skin will touch the meat.

Automated box packing skin-on skin and meat-on-meat

Fillet inspection and packing

To make smart and objective decisions in the packing area requires specific data. The BAADER 1860 fillet inspector “is the machine to scan and inspect every fillet to get exactly that data”, Christian Lohse, Project Sales Engineer at BAADER, explains. The BAADER 1860 delivers “information on the physical dimensions, on the colour and melanin spots, gaping, brown meat and much more”, he adds.

The fillet inspector has been developed with a clear focus on specific customer demands for fully integrated solutions. Hence, the gained data is used upstream to rate the raw material before processing, and downstream for smart packing. The setup is designed as a modular system to match every customer's needs. An easy user interface allows smooth operations and flexible adjustments as well as individual packing recipes. So the customer knows exactly what is sent to the consumers.

Easily accessible monitor of the BAADER 1860 Filet Inspector

Full flexibility through modular design

The grading and packing system is designed in such a way that customers can “attach any kind of required module to close the loop, as for example a bag placing machine which feeds the box distribution system ”, Christian Lohse points out. This innovative setup is a modular system that adapts to the individual needs of each and every customer. The open construction of the machine guarantees easy access for service and maintenance. Cleaning rack for easy cleaning of the fillet packing grader infeed conveyor belts of the system sides and reduced contact to the fillets due to finger trays ensure the highest hygiene standards are kept.

Watch the Salmon Sessions

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, vice president of sales and service at BAADER, explore the new features of the company’s latest innovation. A replay is now available on-demand.

Meet our Experts

Sina Tautz, Project Manager

Sina Tautz knows what she is supervising when she manages international salmon processing line projects around the world. As an experienced engineer, she managed international projects in the pharmaceutical industry before joining BAADER. Adding her background in product development and on-site experience, Sina has what it takes to ensure a seamless project execution. As a passionate traveller, she enjoys combining personal interest with work opportunities

Christian Lohse, Project Sales Engineer  

Christian completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering while working at BAADER. From consulting and project design to line control and contract negotiation, Christian is a true expert around salmon processing solutions. He knows how to deal with complex projects and how to simplify processes. As much as he enjoys travelling abroad for his job, he appreciates living near the Lübeck office to have more time to train for his next triathlon.

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