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Apr 15, 2021

Sometimes you meet business families whose foresight and willingness to go their way make an impression. The Barhoush family is a good example of how commitment-to-quality can be a successful business driver.

Over the past 22 years, the Barhoush family and their partners have been thriving to deliver the highest meat quality. Today, Tamam is a leading poultry brand in Jordan. BAADER values the solid partnership and recognizes their journey to success.

Seeing the Jordanian business potential

With a background as a Mechanical Engineer, Mohamed Barhoush eyed the opportunity to build the first cold storage facilities for food traders in Kuwait in the early 1970s. In 1978, he was ready to expand to Jordan. He founded Al-Wadi Food Processing Company, a leading meat and ready-to-eat food producer.

Aiming for perfection

When Mohamed Barhoush saw the limited offerings of premium quality chicken guaranteeing Jordanian families a healthy and natural meal, he decided to enter the poultry processing business. The brand name that he chose sums up his vision and business plan: ‘Tamam’which means perfection in Arabic.

Increasing capacity

From the start, quality was the mainbusiness driver. The vision came alive with a 3000 birds per hour poultry processing plant in 1998, delivered by LINCO Food Systems A/S (now part of BAADER). In 2016, the company needed a capacity increase to keep up with demand and a new BAADER EV-line brought line-speed up to 6000 birds per hour. In 2017, Tamam replaced their slaughtering and air chilling lines and introduced an automatic cut-up line from BAADER to ensure throughput and limit labour dependence.

First-mover initiatives

Their success in thriving for quality has not reduced the additional family focus. Rami Barhoush and business partner, Eyad Younis, have been continuing the family tradition of being first movers in meeting emerging consumer needs.

Purely grain-fed diet & antibiotic-free

From the beginning, Tamam decided to raise chicken on a purely grain-fed diet with no use of any animal protein – during a time when the use of animal by-products in poultry nutrition was a common practice industry-wide. Years later, Tamam started reducing the use ofantibiotics to becoming antibiotic-free in 2018.

Certified Humane

In 2019, the Tamam brand was the first in West Asia and North Africa to achieve the Certified Humane certification, an international standard that ensures humane animal treatment throughout the life of the birds. The Water Stunner 032 from BAADER, specifically designed to ensure high stunning efficiency and animal welfare, played a central role in fulfilling the animal welfare requirements. By achieving an optimal relationship between current, voltage and resistance, the stunner induces immediate unconsciousness.

Focus on Organic

Recently, and as a natural extension of its consumer health-focused mindset, Tamam obtained from the European regulating body (CCPB) Organic certification. Part of the organic certification requires that the chicken is free-range as well as having a diet of non-GMO organic feed.

As such, Tamam is the only Certified Humane poultry farmer in the Arab World and to date the only producer of certified organic chicken products in Jordan. We congratulate the Barhoush family, Eyad Younis, and the Tamam brand on their achievement and their visionary approach, and we look forward to continuing the poultry adventure together.

About the BAADER Water Stunner 032

Our Water Stunner is designed to best ensure high stunning efficiency and animal welfare. The bird’s heads will drop into the electrified water bath where they are stunned when current passes through their brains. The electrical power is connected between the earth rail and the electrical rail inside the tub. By achieving an optimal relationship between, current, voltage and resistance, the system induces immediate unconsciousness.

The Water Stunner is applied for stunning chickens and turkeys in a live weight range from 3000 grams to 25 kilos. The stunning system is available in different lengths to suit different line speeds.

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