State Labor Minister visits BAADER

State Labor Minister visits BAADER

BAADER presents State Labor Minister status of its digital transformation

On May 23, 2018, BAADER received Schleswig-Holstein Minister of Economy, Transport, Labor, Technology and Tourism Bernd Buchholz as part of his "Mechanical Engineering Tour" addressing the status of Artificial Intelligence in the Schleswig-Holstein Industry.

The BAADER Group proved to be well prepared to face the changing demands and effects driven by Digitalization.

The use of data has already been playing a major role at BAADER for years. With an even more dedicated focus since the establishment of its Digitization department, efforts are being made to not only make its own facilities smarter, but further combine the intelligent use of data with automation and process know-how. BAADER’s goal is to digitize the entire process chain resulting in completely new business models beyond its own product reach.

Thomas Brandt, Head of Digitization BAADER provided vivid examples on how the use of artificial intelligence can increase added value for customers and supplier in the food processing industry while simultaneously conserving valuable fish or poultry resources.

He further pointed out that the digital transformation can only be realized in collaboration with customers and digital experts - embedded in a larger network.

BAADER is also well on its way in this regard. Seeing its customers as an integral part and input source in the process of developing new digital approaches, BAADER seeks to further expand existing cooperation. As one of the founding members of the Siemens MindShere World, BAADER ensures a fruitful integration into a cross-industry network of digital experts.

The Minister’s company visit tour was driven by the question of whether Schleswig-Holstein was on the right path to become the most industry-friendly and digital German State.

He was pleased to hear about BAADER's digitization strategies, and particularly acknowledged the resulting new employment opportunities.

At the same time, BAADER emphasized accommodating political conditions to be crucial for future success. The need for an IT-Engineering degree was raised, as well as proposals to hold Internet-of-Things hackathons at universities, to include RaspberryPi projects in school curriculums from grade 10 and to develop a digital driver’s licenses for the corporate workforce.

During his trip, Minister Buchholz further visited Getriebebau Nord, HAKO and Basler AG that day­

State Labor Minister visits BAADER in Luebeck

left: Robert Focke (Managing Director BAADER)
mid: Honorary Consul Petra Baader (Executive Chairwoman)
right: Dr. Bernd Buchholz (Minister of Economy, Transport, Labor, Technology and Tourism of Schleswig-Holstein)