save the date salmon@baader

save the date salmon@baader

SAVE THE DATE! salmon@baader will be back in 2020

Third edition of BAADER’s salmon@baader inhouse fair will be held in Lübeck on October 1, 2020

We are looking forward to show you our latest developments and to discuss with you the newes trends.



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BAADER 101 stun and bleed solution

Single machines

BAADER processing machines are built on proven technology over several generations ensuring great reliability, serviceability and availability. Machines can further be configured to the customers individual demands in terms of speed or functionality. 

The BAADER Trim Robot for instance offers six different trim possibilities, differing in thickness and form. The Waterjet Cutter can lift production to a complete new level of flexibility by allowing to make changes to endproducts based on a daily demand.


Process solutions

BAADER machines offer highest precision and process stability when integrated into a BAADER system solution. BAADER’s Process Solutions can cover the entire salmon processing from harvesting to packaging. In addition, they can be configured to the demands of the customers parameters: throughput, labor rate, process stability and product flexibility. Depending on the processors request, solutions can be configured with maximum processing speed or with the aim to reduce human contact to food items or with a focus to synchronize interfaces insuring minimum interruptions.

Tailored Service and After Sales

BAADER’s maintenance can release the full potential of the customer’s food processing business.

BAADER recognizes that making the most of processing equipment is about more than engineering – it’s about capturing the maximum available turnover while ensuring raw material safety. BAADER’s service concept, based on 99 years of industry experience, helps achieve just that.

BAADER offers a flexible service product landscape in three packages that you can be individually tailored.

BAADER is committed to building partnerships that produce lasting results. Throughout contract duration, customers can benefit from a close partnership with BAADER. BAADER technicians understand the fine details of service and maintenance and know how these processes affect the long-term performance of machines and process lines.

At the BAADER Technology Center (BTC) in Lübeck, BAADER offers training from experienced service engineers to the customer’s operators to guarantee high runtime efficiency.

From BAADER’s warehouse in Lübeck, BAADER delivers spare parts of current and past fleet all around the globe. In this fast-moving world with short live-cycle products, BAADER upholds reliability and long-term lifecycles.


Product highlights


The BAADER 144 is a process influencer. With a detection system and future options for further diagnostics, this machine is the main logistic part and jumper to the final product. Its slaughtering and cleaning parts offer unreached speed and performance. The latest edition includes two high speed cameras and four light modules taking five pictures per fish – 25 fish a minute. The cameras offer high resolution pictures to evaluate the gutting result and enable customized further fish distribution. If further processing is influenced by heading and gutting, filleting or value-added – the BAADER 144 ensures traceability as well as final product assignment.

BAADER 581 with belly trim option

The BAADER 581 delivers a seamless and consistent filleting result. BAADER now offers additional flexibility to the customer’s individual demands by allowing for both pelvic fin and entire belly trim. By reducing the contact of the raw product with machine parts to a minimum, BAADER further increased hygiene standards.


The BAADER 75 is the newest member of the BAADER salmon line and probably its smallest. Based on proven technology, this product enhancement once again demonstrates BAADER’s innovative strengths. Its predecessor already provided excellence in pulling pin bones out of every individual filet. With the BAADER 75, this technology has been developed to the next level by integrating new safety features, further reducing weight and strengthening its power with a new electric engine. With a quick release, the tool can be instantly cleaned after production stop. 

Key note presentations highlighting BAADER’s focus on cooperation and digital transformation

BAADER further highlighted how the company incorporates latest knowledge of digital advancements, animal welfare during harvesting of farmed and captured fish, potential upcoming impacts of e-Commerce on the fish industry and how strategic byproduct handling within fish processing could improve customer margins through value-added.