TRIO_new member of the BAADER Group

TRIO_new member of the BAADER Group


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The Baader Group has purchased 100 % shares of the company Trio Food Processing Machinery AS in Norway together with the daughter company Trio FTC Sweden AB.

Today Mr. André Akse, Managing Director of Baader Norge AS, in the presence of Honorary Consul Petra Baader CEO of the Baader Group, as well as the owners of the company Trio Food Processing Machinery AS, Mr. Oddmund Haugland, Mr Erik Joa and Mr. Per S. Hodne, signed the purchase contract in Stavanger, Norway. With this signature the Baader Group took over 100 % of the shares of the Norwegian machine producer who is well known for building machines for skinning of whitefish and salmon.

The company Trio Food Processing Machinery in Stavanger was founded more than 100 years ago to supply machines and technology to the growing canning industry in Norway. Canned smoked sprats in olive oil became a big export product from Norway in the first half of the 20th Century. About 1970 Trio introduced the FDS skinning machine for deep skinning and skinning of soft fish fillets. More than 2000 skinning machines have been supplied all over the world. Trio has also developed horizontal and vertical slicing machines for fish and poultry. 

The subsidiary in Sweden, Trio FTC Sweden, was the inventor of mechanical pin boning machines. Trio FTC Sweden has supplied pin boning machines for salmon and trout for more than 25 years all over the world.

Petra Baader, Shareholder of the Baader Group: “We are really pleased about the possibilities which arise through the combination of the strengths of Baader and Trio and the creation of a new dynamic force within the international food industry. Baader and Trio complement one another effectively with regard to the global presence in the market, the process technology, the developing experience and the customer support. We know Trio for many years as a respected international provider of machines for the fish industry and we are looking forward to market the products of a high development standard using the well established Baader network. We are looking forward to the cooperation.”

Eric Joa, Managing Director of Trio Food Processing AS: “Baader is a leading company with regard to high developed food processing technology and showing lots of engagement concerning their customers. The cooperation of our both firms will make it possible to further implement the technology of Trio, especially the lately developed new machine for pre-rigor pin boning, in the market. This new technology will make it possible to produce skin and boneless salmon fillet with better quality and longer shelf life. Trio pin boning, skinning and slicing fit well into Baader’s processing lines”.

The Baader Group and Trio are looking forward to commonly support the customers in more than 70 countries by optimizing permanently the products and the benefits.