Major contract with Sinkaberg Hansen

Major contract with Sinkaberg Hansen

Major contract for BAADER in Rørvik

When Sinkaberg Hansen AS made their decision to build new factory, the conclusion ended with BAADER’s integrated solutions. Now the contract is settled between the two companies.

We are both proud and humble at the same time to be the preferred supplier for the new plant”, says Kjell Arthur Lind-Olsen, BAADER Norway AS, who together with Ulf Jacobsen, BAADER Germany has had the close connection to Sinkaberg Hansen AS up to contract closure.

The agreement is one of the biggest contracts throughout BAADER’s 100 years long history.

That fact that Sinkaberg Hansen AS has chosen BAADER, confirms the competitiveness of our new fully integrated systems from stunning to packing, filleting included and that we can meet customer requirements in terms of quality, effectivity and operation”, says Lind-Olsen. 

Robert Focke, Managing Director of BAADER says: “I am very pleased as this cooperation will strengthen the relationship of trust that our two companies have built in over 25 years. There is no doubt that this is a major deal that will enable us to provide state-of-the-art processed salmon to global consumers”.

It is a brand-new plant that Sinkaberg Hansen is going to install on their new ground close to the existing factory right opposite of the village Rørvik.

This is a central decision for our development and the 230 employees. We take our pride in keeping the highest quality in all sections from smolt to final processed salmon, says Managing Director Svein Gustav Sinkaberg. The contract with BAADER is the biggest single contract in our 40 years history.

Capacity more than the doubled

Measured towards today's capacity, the new factory will make a major difference, and Sinakberg Hansen will more than double the capacity per shift to the range of 300 tons. This means it will be a yearly capacity in the range of 100.000 tons.

In the new plant, the process starts with BAADERs Swim in Stun & Bleed system. In the gutting hall, the fish will be fed into the gutting machines with the automatic SpeedFeed system that will take care of the fish distribution between fillet and HOG-packing as well as tracking of the fish. The contract further includes a BAADER B’logic® intelligent Production Management Software for full traceability.

The HOG-packing will take place on the BAADER new integrated grader solution.

The whole plant is designed to take care of quality fish arriving from the cages, something BAADER’s integrated solutions have proven in an increasing number of plants.

Sinkaberg Hansen AS will integrate the existing filleting factory to the new plant.

To design and install a sophisticated plant at this level can be challenging. A lot of effort has therefore been put into the planning of how to carry out the different phases in the project. Especially towards requirements from Sinkaberg Hansen to reduce downtime during the face of implementation.


 Sinkaberg Hansen signed big contract with BAADER

From left: Ulf Jacobsen, Sales Manager, Processing Solutions BAADER; Svein Gustav Sinkaberg, CEO Sinakberg Hansen AS and Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER