Hofseth invests in BAADER

Hofseth invests in BAADER

Hofseth invests in BAADER

Hofseth Aalesund AS invests in a new production line and doubles capacity!

"Hofseth has chosen BAADER`s fillet line because we have seen through several years of operation that BAADER's fillet solution ensures the best yield while guaranteeing high capacity and stable operation", says Roger Hofseth.

Roger Hofseth, CEO and founder of Hofseth, is very explicit why Hofseth Aalesund AS has entered into an agreement with BAADER and he knows what he is talking about. Hofseth currently has 3 filet factories which produce salmon fillets for billions of NOK.

"BAADER's filleting line ensures good quality and good earnings", says Roger Hofseth

Hofseth is a demanding customer that is very hands-on and has a strong focus on operations and earnings, and that`s what we like, says Modulf Barstad in BAADER Norway

 "Hofseth has made their choice based on the results from daily operations with the latest technology from both, BAADER and our competitor, so when they have concluded that BAADER offers the best fileting line, this was very pleasing to us" says Modulf Barstad (BAADER Norge)

What can you say about the line you are going to deliver?
"This is a complete fillet line from where gutted fish arrives in boxes with ice, until it is packed as a bone-free fillet in boxes, ready for shipment to the customer, as well as re-arranging and upgrading the existing line at Hofseth Aalesund. The line will be installed and commissioned just after the summer,"says Modulf Barstad.

The BAADER line will have a capacity of 25 fish per minute. This comes in addition to today's fillet line, so when the new line is in operation, we talk about a considerable fillet capacity, located in the heart of Aalesund

"At BAADER, we are very proud that we once again have been chosen to deliver a new fillet line to Hofseth. Last time was two years ago. Now we look forward to getting the line delivered and up running."

 This must be an important contract for BAADER?

" Yes, we are talking about a major contract that confirms our strong position in this segment," Barstad ends.

from left Modulf Barstad (BAADER Norge), Roger Hofseth (CEO and founder of Hofseth)­

from left:
Modulf Barstadt (BAADER Norge)
Roger Hofseth (CEO and Founder of Hofseth)