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BAADER and NOVA SEA Embark on Pioneering Fish Processing Project

Luebeck / Lovund
23 Oct

BAADER, a global pioneer in fish processing automation, proudly announces the beginning of their most monumental project with long-standing Norwegian partner, the NOVA SEA AS, the pioneering producer of world-class salmon from the North of Norway. This collaboration underscores decades of mutual trust, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

This most ambitious project to date proofs the trust and collaboration fostered over years of successful partnership with NOVA SEA. BAADER is NOVA SEA’s main process supplier for the new salmon factory in Lovund, Norway, which is another example for BAADER’s core competence to deliver wall-to-wall factory solutions.

“We have always believed in pushing the boundaries of innovation and this project with NOVA SEA is a proof to that. Not only is this our largest fish project, but it also embodies our commitment to efficiency, hygiene, and transparency,” said Robert Focke, CEO of BAADER Fish.

Project Highlights:

• Strategic Partnership: BAADER continues to be NOVA SEA’s primary process supplier, showcasing their expertise in delivering comprehensive factory solutions.

• Acceleration in Processing: The state-of-the-art gutting system can process up to an incredible 150 salmon per minute, supported by a distribution system catering to the fastest wholefish grader globally and advanced Filleting lines.

• Setting the Gold Standard: Emphasizing reduced human contact and superior production consistency, this venture strives to redefine automation in fish processing.

• Innovation Spotlight: The project heralds the introduction of the BAADER 102, a revolutionary stun & bleed system - a first for the industry.

• Evolution in Automation: Seamlessly integrating automatic feeding of the gutting machines with picking robots and avant-garde vision technology, marking its transition from the prototype phase.

• Holistic Processing Approach: Utilizing industry-respected BAADER core machines and integrating the BAADER 1860 Fillet Inspector, this project ensures unmatched transparency and adaptability in the filleting and packaging process.

• Unwavering Commitment to Hygiene: Introducing the CIP system for the BAADER 1750 Spiral tanks, redefining standards in cleanliness and significantly minimizing manual cleaning time.

• BLogic® Factory Software: This addition emphasizes BAADER's unwavering dedication to operational excellence, from single machines to overall factory performance.

• Pioneering Traceability: Advanced data monitoring, including image capture and database storage, sets BAADER apart, guaranteeing unparalleled food safety and extended shelf life.

Tom Eirik Aasjord, CEO of NOVA SEA AS, voiced his perspective on the partnership: “We have a burning desire to produce world-class salmon in balance with responsibility in everything we do. For our employees, there is only one way to produce NOVA SEA salmon; with care. Our focus on caring production, has set a challenging criteria list for our new factory. We are proud to announce our partnership with BAADER, a company synonymous with holistic solutions that enhance value, safety, and efficiency - some of our top criteria.”

Together, BAADER and NOVA SEA AS are poised to usher in a new era of fish processing, reinforcing their status as industry pioneers. The underlying message is clear - BAADER is not just about machinery but offering solutions that drive value, safety, and efficiency for its partners. And NOVA SEA will continue producing the finest salmon in the world.

For further information please contact:

Harald Ehren
Global Head of Corporate Communications
Mobile: +49 162 723 12 07


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