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The BAADER Partnership Approach

May 2, 2019

“It is very rewarding handing over a project to the customer with the feeling of having enjoyed yourself, your job and the cooperation with all participants from beginning to end”, reports Lars Kohnert, Project Specialists at BAADER. Kohnert is referring to a BAADER processing line installed at Nils Williksen in Rørvik, Norway in 2019. The project consists of processing solutions from stunning to packaging, including complete CMS and MEScontrol.

“The entire project at Williksen is based on the supply of a top modern salmon slaughter facility. Our ‘Stun and Bleed’ system, the BAADER 101, is a crucial part of the delivery since it ensures stunning and bleed cutting before the salmon continues to BAADER’s spiral tanks for bleeding and cooling”, says Kjell Lind-Olsen, Sales Manager at BAADER Norway.

Down the line, the BAADER 1570 speed-feed system delivers salmon to new 144 gutting machines. “Every individual salmon is thoroughly examined with advanced camera technology to carefully monitor and to achieve maximum quality”, Lind-Olsen adds. The new layout significantly increases capacity and decreases required production manpower.

Like any project of such size, there were several challenges to overcome. Structural conditions required creative thinking and immediate action from the start. Williksen’s salmon factory, consisting of two plants, needed to be kept in operation while an entire hall was being demolished.

From order closure in April to November 2018, the project team consisting of BAADER, customer representatives, suppliers and sub-suppliers, together they engaged in extensive planning and preparations. “Our learnings from the Cermaq project in Steigen, Norway directly impacted the Williksen project executions”, says Kohnert. “It enabled us to envision and mitigate possible challenges, ask the right questions and focus on ways to ensure smooth crossovers”. The result was a speedy and anticipated process.

Kohnert added other factors of success were the great diligence in everybody’s work and the direct exchange with all suppliers, “we worked as a well-practiced and trusted team.”

Ståle Ramstad, CEO at Nils Williksen AS, accepted project handover on April 11, 2019 and thanked BAADER for “a good cooperation, expertise, quality, and adherence to schedules.”

“Our collaboration with BAADER started at the planning and design stage of our project upgrading our factory. We are very satisfied with the professionalism we have experienced throughout the process and the quality of installation, equipment, and project implementation.

Parts of the installation is done in an existing production area, making both time and the contractor’s level of flexibility critical for the success of the project. With help from BAADER and their subcontractors, the production was up and running in time and the ramp-up is currently ahead of schedule”, Ramstad says.

The BAADER delivery also included an intensive training program. Technicians and cleaners trained for every single machine. In addition to that, operators learned the overall process as well.

Fact Box: Nils Williksen Project, Rørvik, Norway

BAADER delivery consists of

/ 2x BAADER 101 6 canals

/ 3x BAADER 1750 Spiral Tank

/ 1x BAADER 1570 Speed Feeder

/ 4x BAADER 144 Gutting Machines

/ 1x BAADER 1560 Manuel Gutting Table

/ Belt conveyors, platforms

/ Complete control (CMS and MES)

Stun and Bleed’ Cooling Area
Plant plan and Gutting area layout

Plant plan and Gutting area layout

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