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Flexibility, Sustainability and Increased Yield: Producing the Best Salmon Fillets 

Jun 18, 2024

The Customer: Skagerak Salmon

Skagerak Salmon A/S, based in Hirtshals, Denmark, produces high-quality salmon products for retail and wholesale markets. All products are made from farm-raised fish under strict quality standards. As an independent entity within the Sekkingstad Group, Skagerak A/S prioritizes sustainability—not only in terms of climate protection and food safety, but also in fostering stable and respectful business relationships. 

The Initial Situation

At their Hirtshals plant, Skagerak Salmon processes salmon fillets on two different production lines, one of which is already supplied by BAADER. The other line, from a different manufacturer, has been increasingly challenging to operate. Its machine is particularly inaccurate and unreliable when it comes to heading and filleting, which negatively affects yield and fillet quality. This is especially true with softer fish, where the results do not meet the company’s high standards. Additionally, increased downtime due to technical issues has led to costly production interruptions that the client is keen to avoid. 

The Challenge

The client aims to replace the underperforming equipment to increase yield. They are looking for a production line that offers: 

  • Enhanced product quality with higher yield 
  • More sustainable production through efficient resource use and higher throughput 
  • Increased process reliability and durability, leading to cost reductions by maximizing uptime and minimizing production downtimes 

BAADER Solutions on Demand – Empowering Client Success

BAADER provides Skagerak Salmon A/S with a comprehensive solution for efficient salmon processing with a data-driven approach. This includes trimming tools, pinbone removers, and transfer units, along with the following key components: 

  • BAADER 434 for gentle and yield saving head cut 
  • BAADER 581 Pro, a reliable, state-of-the-art filleting machine for maximum yield  
  • BAADER 988, an automatic salmon trimming machine that minimizes manual labour while maximizing production value, throughput, and quality 

In addition to these well-aligned components, the production line is equipped with BAADER´s advanced processing software. The B'Logic® Process Navigator is enabling real-time tracking and performance enhancement, as well as advanced traceability. 


The Benefits: Maximizing Client Value

The combination of perfectly aligned machines and flexible digital solutions offers Skagerak Salmon A/S more than just the anticipated competitive advantages: 

Towards 100% Fish and Increased Yield through Smart Utilization 

The precise and fast heading technique of the BAADER 434 and the intelligent filleting solution BAADER 581 Pro along with the camera-assisted trimming of the BAADER 988, ensures that the customer maximizes the yield from each fish. No valuable product is lost due to imprecise heading, filleting or trimming. 

Process Efficiency through Digitalization and Processing Intelligence  

The BAADER software solutions provide a comprehensive overview of all critical process parameters, enabling seamless traceability, complete process control, and data-driven production optimization. 

High Process Flexibility

The new line easily handles various fish sizes, whereby quick adjustments are facilitated through stored production parameters. This allows users to swiftly respond to changing production conditions. 

Product Enhancement through Processing Intelligence

The camera-assisted trimming technology adapts precisely to the unique characteristics of each fish, delivering optimal results that elevate the product to a higher market segment. 

Future-Proof through Scalability  

The BAADER technology is so versatile that the client can effortlessly expand their production line with additional functions (e.g., a filet packing grader or filet inspector) to adapt to changing market conditions. 

Uptime Maximization and Cost Savings through High Reliability

Downtime is minimized thanks to perfectly matched, reliably operating certified components. In case of technical issues, the BAADER service team is right around the corner, either virtual or through an in-person technician visit. 

Enhanced Safety and Quality through Traceability: Advanced traceability ensures precise tracking of the product's origin and entire processing journey, boosting food safety, quality, transparency, and regulatory compliance. 

The Result: More than 1.5 percent yield increase

With their new production line, Skagerak Salmon A/S increases their yield by 1.5 percent through optimal resource utilization and seamlessly integrated processes.  

The durable BAADER machines ensure reliable performance – day after day. 

Precise filleting and processing enable the company to offer a high-quality product to its customers. Since both production lines are now brought to same BAADER quality standard, the client can deploy staff more flexibly across both lines. Maintenance and service are also more efficient, i.e. a single technician can inspect both systems, and only one set of spare parts and expertise is required to service both lines.  

Customer Testimonial

"The new system has exceeded our expectations. By using the new technology to maximize resource utilization, we can now work exactly in line with our core value: sustainably." 

Henrik Torkild Pedersen, Technical Manager of Skagerak Salmon A/S


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