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Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation: EMYDEX Technology

Apr 26, 2024

04/26/2024 - we're proud to commemorate a significant milestone – the 20th anniversary of EMYDEX, the latest member company to join our BAADER family.

Two decades ago, EMYDEX was a fledgling idea on the Irish technology stage. Now, it stands tall as a testament to innovation and a cherished member of the BAADER group. Our common journey is guided by the philosophy of 1+1=3, where combining strengths doesn't just add but multiplies value, giving our customers more than they expect.

The synergy between EMYDEX and BAADER is a harmony of gears in motion, a partnership that exemplifies the joy of collaborative innovation and the discovery of groundbreaking concepts.


Looking ahead, we set our gaze on new horizons, ready to embrace the future with the best of both worlds. Our intertwined paths are a commitment to teamwork, communication, and shared goals.

Together, we continue to set the standard for excellence.

To the EMYDEX family – thank you for 20 years of brilliance. To the future – we welcome you with open arms and innovative spirits.

Read more about the 20th anniversary of EMYDEX here.


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