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BAADER 189 Pro Whitefish Filleting Machine Exceeds Expectations

Jun 18, 2024

Óðinn Gestsson and Karl Ásgeirsson at the delivery of the BAADER 189 Pro.

In the middle of last year, the first BAADER 189 Pro filleting machine was put into operation in Iceland. The machine is the result of extensive development work by BAADER Ísland in close cooperation with the company's main customers.

Great expectations have been placed on the machine, not least because it is intended to replace and improve the performance of the BAADER 189 machine, which has been the backbone of the fishing industry worldwide for many decades.

One of the companies that have put the new machine into operation is Fiskvinnslan Íslandssaga in Suðureyri, where it has been in use since the beginning of this year.

According to Óðinn Gestsson, manager of Fiskvinnslan Íslandssaga, the BAADER 189 Pro has proven to be very successful.

"We have long and good experience with the BAADER 189 machine, so our staff was very excited to see if the new machine would perform as well in as many areas as we had hoped. After several months of using the new machine, it is clear to us that all the main expectations have been met or even exceeded," says Óðinn.

The new machine was designed so that the computer-controlled motors would bring the knives closer to the bones, allowing for even better utilization than with the older machines. In addition, all changes between fish sizes and species are now easily controlled from the machine's computer screen. The design of all external equipment has been focused on maximum safety when using the machine and to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, as well as the fact that the machines are all made of stainless steel.


"We produce fish for very demanding buyers, so it is extremely important to ensure equal and, above all, good quality. That is why we have relied on BAADER's production and service over the years to meet the high and ever-increasing demands of our customers and at the same time ensure that better utilization also brings better results. I am convinced that BAADER 189 Pro is ensuring even better stability in production in the long term," concludes Óðinn."


Karl Ásgeirsson, BAADER's Business Manager in Iceland, says that the good results of the new machine are a happy confirmation of BAADER's opinion at the time that the development and construction of this whitefish processing machine would be best left in the hands of BAADER's employees in Iceland. The development of the machine has therefore been carried out in close cooperation with fish workers and customers. This cooperation has been more successful than expected.      

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