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salmon@BAADER Returns: Pioneering Innovations in Salmon Processing

Lübeck, Germany
9 Oct

• Engaging with Industry Experts
• A Showcase of Novelty in Salmon Processing
• Diving into the Future with Interactive Presentations
• Exciting Teasers of What’s on the Horizon

salmon@BAADER made a grand comeback after five years, drawing industry experts, guests, and customers from over 20 countries, underlining its global appeal and significance. The event provided attendees the unique opportunity to engage with the team of BAADER embracing members from Sales, R&D, and Service departments. It emerged as a hotbed for discussions, networking, and potential collaborations that hold the promise to redefine the future landscape of salmon processing.

Highlights of salmon@BAADER:

• Interactive Demonstrations: Real-time showcases which spanned from fillet inspection to detailed quality evaluations.
• Panel & Q&A Session: An informative segment, diving deep into the upcoming trends in salmon processing.
• Product Showcases: The BAADER 102, introduced as the successor of the well-known '101', garnered immense interest. Its design and functionality meet the strictest standards of food safety and animal welfare. A special highlight was the involvement of a Norwegian veterinarian as a discussion partner, emphasizing the commitment of BAADER to food safety and animal welfare.
• Another noteworthy mention is the BAADER 581/pro, the highpoint in salmon processing machinery. Enhanced with a dynamic back knife, it ensures higher yield and remains an evergreen favorite.
• Future Glimpses: The audience got a sneak peek into what's next, with BAADER openly showcasing its R&D side. The upcoming 'Waterjet' and X-Ray-Device is set to debut next year, and the integration of AI neural networks signifies the leap into the realm of digital twins.
• Oktoberfest at BAADER: Attendees transitioned from in-depth daytime discussions to a vibrant Oktoberfest celebration by night – a tradition at BAADER.

salmon@BAADER cemented the position BAADER as a frontrunner in the salmon processing industry. The event underscored the company's unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, robustness, and their eagerness to integrate advanced digital techniques.

BAADER, while at the top of technological developments, humbly acknowledges that they are not only pioneers but most of all persistent innovators, striving to carve out a future where technology and tradition unite to forge new paths in fish processing - always with an ear to the customer and an eye to the future.

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