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BAADER Sells Integrated Solution for Pelagic Processing

28 Feb

Based on the long-term cooperation between Denholm Seafoods and SKAGINN 3X, BAADER has received an order to develop and install a complete turnkey pelagic system at the Denholm processing facility in Peterhead, Scotland. BAADER is set to deliver a solution that will largely automate the entire pelagic processing at the facility. SKAGINN 3X − as one of the leading integrators for the biggest pelagic factories in the world − will take care of the project equipment, controls, and logistics. The flexible facility will be able to produce a wide range of end-products, such as whole round, H&G and fillets. Commissioning is planned for summer 2024.

"We are looking to increase automation and capacity while saving energy and packing costs", says Richard Duthie, Managing Director at Denholm Seafoods. "The BAADER SKAGINN 3X integrated turnkey pelagic solution incorporates all of this, as it is highly automated and uses freezing methods that are more economical than what we have seen in the sector before. We hope to increase sustainability and maintain the quality of the products we offer".

"This project is a great example of how customers can benefit from the joint BAADER SKAGINN 3X capabilities and our multibrand product portfolio", says Robert Focke, Managing Director, BAADER. "We are very happy that the long-term cooperation between Denholm Seafoods and SKAGINN 3X turned into this significant order. The new freezers and project equipment will be produced in Iceland, and several new BAADER 221 Line Automatic systems in Germany. We look forward to supporting the Scottish pelagic industry on their way to full automation and energy efficiency in future."

The system for Denholm Seafood is designed to process herring, mackerel and blue whiting. Depending on species and raw material, it will only take about six hours from the time the raw material enters the factory through cooling, sorting, filleting, and weighing into freezing, packing and palletizing.

Throughout the factory, the solution will ensure maximum raw material utilization with the highest quality, yield and energy efficiency while being scalable and sustainable.

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