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BAADER and Grieg Seafood Forge a Landmark Deal at SPG Barcelona

25 Apr
BAADER and Grieg Seafood have finalized a significant deal at SPG Barcelona to equip a new facility near Oslo with advanced post-rigor fillet technology, set to be completed by summer 2025.
BAADER will supply the equipment to create the most innovative salmon processing plant in the market, emphasizing the collaborative effort and Grieg Seafood's efficient project execution.
A The BAADER delivery encompasses a complete processing line, from raw material reception to finished product packaging, featuring the BAADER 581 Pro for maximum yield and the BAADER 1860 for precise sorting, with the goal of 100% utilization and top-quality production.

In a pivotal industry event held at SPG in Barcelona, BAADER and Grieg Seafood have sealed a substantial agreement. BAADER is set to outfit the new Grieg Seafood facility with a state-of-the-art post-rigor fillet solution. This cutting-edge plant is slated for completion in the summer of 2025, and will be situated at Gardermoen near Oslo.

Grieg Seafood has handpicked BAADER as their partner, entrusting them with the mission to establish the most innovative and leading-edge salmon processing plant in the market. Modulf Barstad of BAADER Norway shares their enthusiasm: "Being selected to supply equipment for such a benchmark project fills us with pride. The plant is destined to set a new standard for the salmon industry." He reflects on the collaborative journey: "Our partnership with Grieg Seafood has been intensive and constructive. We've leveraged our collective expertise and insights throughout every phase." He concludes with commendation for Grieg's approach: "Their responsiveness and the meticulous execution of the project are truly commendable." Business Development Director at Grieg Seafood, Piotr C. Wingaard comments on the deal: “Our factory is one of few salmon processing plants in Norway which have been built from the ground up. Therefore, it will be a state-of-the-art facility, something which we are very proud of”.

BAADER´s delivery spans from the reception of raw material on one end to finished product on pallets on the other end. In the state-of-the-art fillet factory, salmon undergoes sorting before entering the fillet line optimizing products for Grieg Seafood´s customers. Within the fillet line, the BAADER 581 Pro ensures maximum yield, while the BAADER 1860 fillet meticulously sorts and distributes individual fillets to create a flawless product. The factory will be equipped with fully automatic freezer for by-products and finished goods, guaranteeing 100 percent utilization and top quality of all parts of the fish. BAADER will deliver both mechanical components and software for the entire order from Grieg Seafood.

Most Advanced Equipment

Grieg Seafood set the bar exceptionally high, aiming for the most cutting-edge salmon procession plant ever constructed in Norway. Their ambitious vision led them to consider only one relevant supplier. “We have worked closely with BAADER for a long time and have a very good knowledge of their equipment and technology. We recognized early on that BAADER has the best and most advanced equipment on the market”, says Grieg-director Wingaard. He adds: “Nevertheless, it was almost more decisive that they could contribute to the design phase as well so we could create a factory with the best possible flow, and which utilizes the area to the fullest. We knew they would deliver state of the art in the design area and planning as well with expertise they have in Norway.”

The Norwegian seafood company is unwavering in its belief that the inclusion of technology supplier BAADER from the outset is the cornerstone of success for their new processing plant. "With absolute certainty, we knew that involving BAADER from the beginning was imperative," Wingaard states. "This collaboration offered us the unique opportunity to approach the construction of our salmon processing factory in a way that deviates from traditional methods. This was crucial for us, allowing us to realize our vision for the facility."

The company holds BAADER's contributions in high regard. "BAADER's involvement has been extraordinary, actively engaging in all aspects of our building's design process," notes Wingaard. "Their expertise surpasses the usual expectations of a technology and equipment supplier. Their influence permeates through every aspect of our operations, especially since BAADER's equipment is the linchpin of our factory."

The Grieg-director also acknowledges BAADER's track record for reliable equipment. "We've always been confident in BAADER's ability to provide dependable equipment. They offer unparalleled equipment reliability, with minimal downtime, less maintenance, and longevity that sets them apart. Moreover, their software solutions are exceptional and perfectly suited to our needs," explains Wingaard.

An 130 Million NOK Investment

Grieg Seafood is charting a new course with a NOK 130 million investment in a Gardermoen facility, aiming to move closer to consumers by extending their value chain. This shift includes a transition from solely supplying raw materials to also delivering 25% of their products as finished goods, alongside a heightened emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. The strategy, according to Wingaard, involves reducing climate impact by substituting airfreighted whole fish with locally processed fillets.

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