Animal welfare in slaughtering

Animal welfare in slaughtering

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Animal welfare in slaughtering



BAADER LINCO offers various slaughtering shackles to best fit the size of the birds being processed. An adequate shackle size limits leg compression and ensures correct electrical contact during water stunning. 


Bird comforting

To calm birds after shackling, a Breast Comforter is installed from the point of shackling to the stunner entrance. The physical contact between the Breast Comforter and the chicken’s breast, which contains many nerve endings, contributes to relaxation. 


High frequency water stunning

Our Water Stunner is designed to best ensure high stunning efficiency and animal welfare at all line speeds. The electrical power is connected between the earth rail and the electrical rail inside the tub. By achieving an optimal relationship between current, voltage and resistance, the system induces immediate unconsciousness. 



BAADER LINCO offers highly adjustable killing machines to ensure correct cutting and to best meet local market preferences: double-sided, single-sided, or throat cut suitable for halal slaughtering.



In our Air Scalders, birds are immersed in hot water while they are hanging in shackles suspended from the overhead conveyor, to loosen the feathers before picking. Air is used to agitate the water in the scalding tank in order to create a downward turbulence and keep birds immersed, and to facilitate the heat transfer to feather follicles.