Controlled atmosphere stunning

Controlled atmosphere stunning

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Controlled atmosphere stunning

Better animal welfare with humane stunning

CAS stunning improves welfare for birds and workers

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) has become financially viable and is gradually becoming the new industry standard.

Ideal for use with a Live Bird Handling System, the CAS Stunning System makes for gentler and more efficient live bird reception and shackling. It greatly reduces bird stress while also improving meat quality and working conditions for the shackling staff.

Gentle stunning

The CAS Stunning system uses a mixture of atmospheric air and CO2. As birds are lowered into the tunnel, the amount of CO2 in the tunnel gradually increases from 5 to 50%, creating a very gentle stunning process. The birds remain fully stunned until they have passed the killing machine, meaning that they are not exposed to any further handling after being loaded into the  drawers at the farms. All dumping from modules is totally avoided.

Complete process control

All stunning parameters can be adjusted to suit variations at the reception point, due to line speed changes or change in bird sizes.

Stressless shackling

Regardless of the shackling method used, the stunned birds ensure a stress less process for the birds as well as the shackling staff. Bird damage is prevented, and eliminating the use of electrical stunning also prevents blood spots and other meat damages. As the birds do not flap their wings, the system also greatly reduces the formation of dust at the shackling station.

Higher meat quality

CAS stunned chicken. A study shows that 80% of the chickens have no defects

Electrical stunned chicken. A study shows that 37.5% of the chickens have no defects

Advantages of CAS

  • Low gas concentration during stunning, a few grams of CO2 per kg live bird
  • System adjust due to maintain uniform stunning time
  • PLC control of stunning parameters
  • Less adverse effect on shelf life
  • Less bird stress
  • Less bird damage
  • Improved meat quality – less blood spots
  • Safer, cleaner, more comfortable working environment
  • Less turnover of staff