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BAADER Showcasing Future-Ready Fish Processing Solutions at Seafood Processing Global (SPG) 2024

23 Apr

Reliable Fish & Seafood Processing Solutions at SPG 2024:

A rock in the surf and leading innovator since 1919, BAADER will provide insights into their extensive range of cutting-edge fish processing technologies, showcasing their latest innovations from raw material handling to final packaging.

Future-ready Fish & Seafood Operations with “Solutions on Demand”:

Emphasizing on Digitalization, Process Flexibility, Smart Utilization, and Scalability, BAADER presents on-demand solutions that are adept for a dynamic industry and constant changes in consumer trends, food safety, and sustainability regulations.

A Century of Innovation Tailored for Tomorrow:

A leading innovator for over 100 years, BAADER is committed to ongoing innovation, digitalization and data analytics meeting the future needs of a transforming industry.

BAADER, the pioneer and leading supplier of advanced fish processing solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the Seafood Processing Global (SPG) trade show from 23-25 April 2024 at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue, Barcelona, Spain. Visitors are warmly invited to experience the future of fish processing at our booth, 3JJ601.

In an era marked by dynamic shifts within the seafood industry, BAADER stands out as a reliable, stable beacon, with a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.  BAADER continues to set the trend with the introduction of “Solutions on Demand” - a powerful synergy including Process Flexibility, Smart Utilization, Scalability, Integration Expertise, and Towards 100% Fish, to name a few. All high-level focus points that are not just buzzwords but form the backbone of our BAADER-DNA and our promise to our customers. Ensuring our equipment and services are perfectly aligned with the needs of modern fish and seafood processing both today and tomorrow.  

As consumer trends evolve and regulations on food quality, safety, and sustainability become more stringent, BAADER stands as the single source capable of delivering efficient, smart, and flexible processing solutions. Our century-long mission has been to drive innovation in the fish processing value chain, delivering automation solutions that cater to the specific needs of the industry.

At SPG 2024, BAADER will display solutions that touch every step of the value chain, throughout the factory and across species, from raw material handling to packaging. Our cutting-edge equipment is built for efficiency, speed, and reliability, supporting long-term economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

BAADER 189 Pro – Whitefish Filleting Re-Invented

The BAADER 189 Pro is the next generation in efficient whitefish filleting. The 189 Pro is the successor of the true legend that now returns to the stage in an updated version, allowing processors to get the best out of every fish, further supporting our “Towards-100%-Fish”- commitment. Its very precise filleting with less manual trimming, cleaner cuts, monitoring, and energy efficiency improvements makes the BAADER 189 pro a high-yield whitefish filleting solution.

BAADER 581 Pro – Flagship Salmon Filleting

Our customers get unbeatable yield with the BAADER 581 Pro. With our flagship we are mastering the art of filleting and trimming of farmed salmon, trout, wild caught coho, sockeye, tuna and similar. The optional dynamic back knife offers outstanding possibilities for increasing the yield of the fillet and makes BAADER 581 Pro a yield winner. Depending on the fish's anatomy, the knives are automatically adapting to the upper back area of every single salmonid leaving as little flesh on the frame as a hand filleter would. Very narrow in the tail section but opening up to the wider backbones in the neck area. The result changes the common understanding of yield expectations for machine filleting:

At a high speed of up to 25 fish/min, the BAADER 581 Pro maintains a consistent output quality with easy adjustment, low maintenance and overall minimal operator intervention required.
The new layout of the BAADER 581 Pro has a 20% smaller footprint compared to its predecessor by streamlining the housing. The recently designed housing also reduces processing noise for a quieter production atmosphere.
It features individual fish measurement, offering operational flexibility for a wide range of fish species and different kinds of conditions from pre-rigor to defrosted, soft fish.

Many satisfied customers are convinced by this probably most powerful and advanced filleting machine in the world with the highest and most reliable yield.

BAADER Digitalization - A 360° View

Experience BAADER´s holistic approach and vision on digitalization and the opportunities and benefits this brings in fish and seafood processing.  From our Digital Twin Product Innovation Strategy, over Remote Support, Analytics and Reporting to Total Line Solutions, our 360° approach offers processors next level quality control, production control and single-fish traceability. BAADER's Total Solutions System streamlines the entire production process, from the initial handling of raw materials to the delivery of high-quality final seafood products resulting in:

Enhanced operational efficiency by identifying optimization opportunities through real-time monitoring of all relevant process parameters.
Top-notch quality control ensuring only the highest quality products are delivered to your customers.
Strengthened compliance by enabling single-fish traceability throughout every processing step.
Maximised raw material utilization and reduced costs by strategically planning and controlling material distribution with “Best Fit Production”.
Higher customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high-quality products.
Well-informed strategic decision making by leveraging insights derived from integrated data analytics.

With these digital solutions designed for both regional businesses and multinational corporations, combined with our unique range of processing solutions throughout the factory and across species, BAADER is your reliable one-stop-shop for all fish and seafood processing requirements, ensuring the highest quality, optimal throughput, and superior yield.

Let´s Talk Fish! Visit us at Seafood Processing Global 2024, booth 3JJ601, and experience the pinnacle of processing excellence. Together, let's shape the future of seafood processing.

For more information, please contact:

Harald Ehren
Global Head of Corporate Communications

Mobile: +49 162 723 1207

Note to the press: High-resolution images, interviews, and additional information are available upon request.


With over 100 years of innovation, BAADER is a global leader in food processing solutions. Beyond fish and poultry, we revolutionize the industry through digitalization and data analytics. Operating in over 100 countries with a dedicated workforce of 1,600 professionals, we are committed to provide solutions that prioritize quality, efficiency, traceability, profitability, sustainability. We valuate the animal as a resource. Driving innovations for a century, committed for a lifetime – BAADER.

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