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BAADER Compliance and Integrity

At BAADER, there is entrepreneurial action at all levels. Being an entrepreneur brings with it great opportunities, but also a high degree of responsibility. We live up to this responsibility by always aligning our actions with the law and our ethical standards. Good corporate governance is an important part of being responsible, and we take it very seriously.

The BAADER Code of Conduct

Our BAADER Employee Code of Conduct establishes a common standard for lawful, compliant and ethical behaviour. Everyone at BAADER is bound by the Employee Code of Conduct. Our goal is to provide our employees with guidance in order to make the best decisions in their day-to-day work. The BAADER Employee Code of Conduct supplements our internal company policies.

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Our Whistleblower System

At BAADER, we foster a culture where employees feel comfortable speaking up against misconduct without fearing retaliation. We expect our employees to promptly report witnessed or suspected violations of our Code of Conduct, company policies or applicable laws and regulations.
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We speak up and have zero tolerance for retaliation.

Reporting via Integrity Line

Are you an employee or business partner of BAADER? Would you like to report suspected or actual misconduct?

Through Integrity Line, you can file reports in your native language anytime and anywhere. You can stay anonymous if you wish. To keep your identity secret, we recommend using private devices.

Corporate Compliance handles incoming reports. All reports are taken seriously and treated confidentially, unless required otherwise under applicable law. BAADER is committed to protecting people who blow the whistle on wrongdoing. We do not allow acts of revenge or discrimination against them.

After your report has been sent, you can contact the case manager via a virtual mailbox and ask questions, provide additional information and respond to any queries.

The presumption of innocence applies. No negative consequences will be imposed without sufficient evidence and hearing of the person concerned.

We appreciate your efforts to prevent damage to the company. With your help, you are making an important contribution to finding signs of misconduct at an early stage. Your report will allow us to stop the breach, investigate it and sanction confirmed misconduct. It will also help to prevent repeated misconduct by improving processes where needed.
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