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Our People

The WE in Innovating Food Value Chains

Our People

It is our people who can create the pioneering spirit and positive atmosphere for collaboration and communication. It is our people who can accelerate change, innovation and product creation.

BAADER employees working in the factory
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We are creative together and things never get boring. You don’t get stuck in the same old, same old. You always have new responsibilities and you experience something new."
BAADER employees working in the factory and assembling machines

About our People

People’s needs, ideas and capabilities are essential at BAADER. Our employees, our customers and their customers form the path toward our success. The interaction between diverse groups of people are an asset and a source of inspiration. We promote the professional development of everyone at BAADER. A key component to our success is the knowledge and experience shared across generations and countries.
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Collaborative is the word for it. We all have titles, but at the end of the day, that’s irrelevant. We would do everything we can to help people. When it comes to the crunch, everyone would do anything, without complaint.


We proudly employ specialists in many positions including engineering, design, welding, cutting, project management, coding and marketing. It is their cooperation that continues to inspire and delight our customers and partners. We are leaders in the specialized field of food processing because we leverage the combined knowledge of all our teams to come up with the best possible solution.
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What we are doing is completely new and we’re the ones doing it: new machines, complete concepts, a construction kit for a complete factory and more. And, of course, that’s really motivating for everyone."

A Perspective that Spans Generations

As a family-owned enterprise, we pride ourselves on our rich and successful history. We think for generations, which enables us to design innovative products that represent sustainable value. We support these values by adapting production lines to changing needs and increasing quality requirements. Our long-term vision allows us to create frameworks that can be adapted and expanded to meet the new, challenging demands of the industry.
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Being a family-run business and German quality are values that distinguish us. BAADER is my family. That is pretty amazing."

BAADER Mindset

Delivering value today and beyond requires the mindset of an owner-operated business. Since Rudolf Baader founded his company in 1919, the BAADER mindset revolutionized the way the world processes food through our numerous inventions and technologies. Our culture is loyal, friendly, committed, honest, responsible and accountable. Our people feel closely connected with the company.
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Unconditional quality: at BAADER, we do everything for our customers. Even if it costs us, we’ll still do it."
BAADER emplopyee working in a virtual meeting


We uphold a culture of accountability, transparent exchange and mutual support. At BAADER, responsibility requires input from all teams to attain the best solutions with support from management.
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The people. Everyone has a sense of ownership and pride and we have fun but when it’s time to get things done, the people here always pull together and work through whatever the task is, and we make it happen.

Our Team

Our team consists of over 1,200 people spread across six continents. With recent and ongoing mergers, affiliations and extending business scope we continue to grow.

Join Our Team

Our people are key to all our innovations over the years. We are not committed to them only because of that, but also because we see them as one of us – we are a family. Together, we innovate food value chains.

If you want to be part of the journey towards shaping the future of food, visit our career page and find out more about how you could join us.

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