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Working at BAADER

Working at BAADER is about many things – it’s about our 100-year-old heritage, a pioneering and family spirit, and a pathway towards the future.

People’s needs, ideas and capabilities are essential at BAADER. Our employees, our customers and their customers form the path toward our success. The interaction between diverse groups of people is an asset and a source of inspiration. We promote the professional development of everyone. Key components to our success are the knowledge and experience shared across generations and countries.

We offer a range of working opportunities from designing and producing speciality machinery and solutions for the world-leading food processing of fish, poultry and meat to Sales, Project Planning, Installations, Supporting Office functions, Service and After Sales. Our Digital Unit, which focuses on the entire food chain, offers exciting jobs with an innovative and impactful use case.

Through our diversity and the international exchange between each other, we receive many good impulses and develop new ideas.

Why Join?

At BAADER, your work will impact more than just your career and our company. Your work will contribute to improving the world’s food supply to the benefit of our customers, the consumer and the planet.

Making a difference

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What makes working at BAADER special for me is the challenge of assisting the customers by providing them with the right solution according to their needs. Needless to say, no customer has the same needs, which makes the challenge even more interesting.
Jákup Sørensen, Technical Sales Engineer, Faroe Islands

The feeling

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I love the dynamism of sales and the possibility to connect with people from all over the world. This is a global company and one big family at the same time.
Martim Piccoli, Corporate Account Manager, US

Team Spirit

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The people. Everyone has a sense of ownership and pride and we have fun but when it’s time to get things done, the people here always pull together and work through whatever the task is and we make it happen.
Dave Hargis, Logistics Manager, US

The Progress

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The business and customers are, like BAADER, very progressive. BAADER is an integral part of this business and, as a company, BAADER has a position in the industry that makes the daily operation very interesting. You could say, we are living in dynamic symbiosis with the market. Every day is different and you never know what the next day will bring.
Kjell Arthur Lind-Olsen, Sales Manager, Norway

The Combination

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The people BAADER employs, the customers BAADER serves, mechanical engineering at the highest level, a global company, combining all skills under one roof, a future-oriented family business. I owe my professional career to BAADER and the work fills me with joy and satisfaction.
Oliver Hahn, CEO, USA
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