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We are made up of more than 1,200 colleagues from various nationalities, many of whom have worked on our projects in the field, built components in our factories and met with customers in our offices around the world. We have an eclectic mix of experience and skill, working together to make our mission a reality. Many colleagues hold long seniority with BAADER and identify deeply with the company and their colleagues. This is what makes us a truly great company to work for.

No matter where you are located in the world, BAADER offers jobs in the office, in the field and in manufacturing. 
At our production facilities, we produce processing solutions that ensure quality in all phases. Join us to manufacture industry-leading machinery in fish and poultry processing, as well as refinement technology that contributes to superiorly processed proteins.

You can take part in producing automated deboning or impressive anatomic cutting technology offering precision no human hand can match, to mention just a few.
Job openings in productionSee our production locations
By working at BAADER, you contribute to solving our customers’ pain points and visions at their sites. 

Our site colleagues are essential to our business and reputation, as they keep the promises made to our customers every day. They ensure smooth operation, avoid downtime, execute installations and commissioning, perform testing and calibrate machinery. Explore site jobs (link)Explore life at our production facilities
Explore site jobsexplore life at our production facilities
At BAADER, we have international offices worldwide to ensure a global presence with local knowledge of our markets. We are a diverse and dedicated team united by a common goal: to improve the world’s food supply by creating protein-focused solutions to the benefit of our customers, the consumer, and the planet.

Our office colleagues span across a wide variety of areas with diverse backgrounds. No matter whether you are looking for a job with great colleagues in established areas within Administration with a human touch, or you are passionate about bringing a fresh view to developing new cutting-edge technologies within food processing, running and developing IT systems, or establishing functions such as Legal, Procurement or Sustainability, we might be the right match for you.
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BAADER colleagues working on a computer
Data Jobs

We Love Data. Do you?

bOpen Innovation

At bOpen Innovation, we help BAADER to better exploit the dormant value in data. Here we bundle our competencies around data and bring them into the Group. While our BAADER colleagues develop digital solutions for food processing machinery and on-premise, the bTrace Tomorrow team focuses on cloud applications.

We are a dedicated and interdisciplinary team of innovative and competent Software Architects, Developers, Data Scientists, DevOps and Process Engineers as well as UI/UX experts. Our competencies combined with our structured and agile methods enable us to develop new solutions. We know that user needs and habits vary, and we adapt our solution interfaces accordingly. 

We are looking for thought leaders and change-makers of all kinds. All that matters is that you enjoy data and are not afraid to tackle topics from scratch.

Data Scientists
Software Developers
Process Engineers
Project Managers
Big Data and Business Intelligence Specialists

BAADER Insider

Some stories are just too interesting and rare to be kept to oneself. Here some of our employees share their experiences since joining us.

Horse standing in a fjord

It wasn’t even a horse

Frauke Viebranz, Controlling, Lubeck, Germany
‘I began working for BAADER in September 2011 and had only recently started when I received a call from Norway: hearing and speaking English was required. I understood that it had something to do with the fish they needed. But all I heard was “horse” ... and I was convinced I must have misheard because horses and BAADER machines just could not be right. Even after asking repeatedly, I still didn't understand my colleague and when he said he would call another colleague about it, I was really happy. 
Relieved, I hung up and told the story of my conversation and my insufficient English skills in the office. A friendly colleague started laughing and until now I thought he had always been nice. Then I heard the reason: he was referring to horse mackerel. I had never heard of horse mackerel before and from that moment on I have told this story many times and it has always made me laugh heartily.’
Nationality: German
Joined BAADER in 2011
Current location: Lübeck, Germany

An unusual co-passenger

Esberto Andrade, MD, Chile
‘Closely before embarking on an Alster boat trip with customers in Hamburg, our group noticed a woman on the shore side who wanted to join us. It was Mrs Baader! Of course, we did not leave her behind. Everyone was laughing, happy to have the boss on board. That would not happen in any other company!’
Nationality: Chilean
Joined BAADER in 2005
Current location: Puerto Montt, Chile
Alster boat in Hamburg
Image of a trailer

We don’t sell trailers

Oliver Hahn, CEO, USA
‘Of course, there can be rough times at BAADER that require clever sales strategies. Smaller machines that fit onto a pick-up truck can be demonstrated to the customer on-site – which quite often leads to subsequent sales. To keep the machines clean we decided to transport them on an enclosed trailer. The strategy was to market the new skinner this way. Doug Morgan, a very experienced and skilled salesperson, rang me up one day to give me an update on the project. Doug: “The machine is very popular; the performance figures are partly exceeding our expectations. It is very simple to prepare the machine for production or cleaning without having to use tools, etc. In summary, the machine is great.” Me: “When can we expect the first orders?” Doug: “It’s a bit difficult at the moment since most factories haven’t budgeted for new skinners. But there is strong interest in our trailer! How much does it cost? Can we get more of them? What would be our price?” It wasn’t an easy task convincing Doug that BAADER does not deal in the transport business.’
Nationality: German
Joined BAADER in 1989
Current location: Kansas City, USA

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