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BAADER at SPG 2023: Solutions on Demand

18 Apr

The fish processing industry is undergoing a transformation: consumer trends, as well as evolving food standards, sustainability efforts, and volatile markets, are determining factors for its change. This makes it important to count on customized, smart solutions that bring maximum yield and efficiency in the processing of all major industrial fish species and seafood.

With its participation at the Seafood Processing Global (SPG) in Barcelona from 25 to 27 April 2023, BAADER will focus on the daily challenges of its customers regarding flexibility and customization when it comes to processing solutions. Following the motto “Solutions on Your Demand”, BAADER will exhibit a range of solutions that show how automatization can increase productivity as well as how to make the most of each fish through further processing.

“We offer high-performance stand-alone solutions for all major fish species as well as comprehensive wall-to-wall systems tailored to the requirements of our customers. This also includes freezing technologies as well as digital tracking solutions”, says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER. “We want to enable our customers to make the best use of their resources – for their own profit as well as in the best interest of sustainability.”

A special highlight at the fair will be the sneak preview of the BAADER 589. The filleting solution offers flexible workflows with great yield and fillet quality, specially designed for seabass. Overall, the solutions from BAADER can process all major industrial fish species such as whitefish, seabass, redfish, crab, salmon, pelagic, or tuna.

Featured Equipment at the SPG 2023


The BAADER 589 significantly reduces subsequent trim work downstream. As such, the fillets have a great quality with high yield – even in the flank area, no flank bones are left in the fillet. Moreover, the white membrane stays intact. The machine further is designed according to the latest hygiene standards and thus helps to ensure that the product is safe and has a long shelf life. The BAADER 589 also allows being flexible regarding quality and plannability thanks to intuitive and simple menu guidance that allows one to easily adjust the machine.

BAADER 581 Pro

The BAADER 581 Pro offers reliability, stability, great yield, and product quality. Its most innovative optional feature is the dynamic back knife module which offers great possibilities for increasing the yield of the fillet. In fact, the machine exhibited at the booth is the first machine that has been tested in the field and approved by a great number of customers due to its reliability and high-quality output.

Temperature Control

Making freezing, thawing, sub-chilling, and cooling an energy-saving business with the highest possible quality – that is what SKAGINN 3X, a new member of BAADER, offers with its portfolio. The products allow for fast product freezing, the best possible product appearance, and high-yield performance. Moreover, they help to reduce energy consumption compared to conventional technologies, save volume during transport, and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Further Processing

The further processing solutions of gentle product refinement offer optimal resource efficiency and product quality for value-add. By separating soft and solid components while maintaining meat quality, the BAADER Refiner line turns co-products into high-quality products. And thus, helps to make the most of the resources, offering one possibility towards zero waste.


As a full-service provider, BAADER integrates digital solutions into all systems to boost efficiency through better production monitoring and control. On the basis of precise data analysis, digital solutions optimize processes via single-fish traceability and single-fish information from the equipment. Customers thus receive a comprehensive overview of their production statistics.

After Market

BAADER runs a global service network that supports customers on the ground, no matter where they are. The technical ability, hands-on experience, and resourcefulness of the team allow for smooth operation with minimum downtime. All services provided by BAADER are certified and guided by professionalism, quality, and reliability.

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