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From Fish to Fillet - Automated Trimming Solutions for Salmon

Jan 5, 2021

Manual trimming of fillets is a very labour-intensive process and the result depends on the operators at the trimming table. Yield and accuracy can vary significantly from operator to operator and from day to day.

The BAADER 988 trimming machine automates the trimming process almost completely, thus reducing the need for manual labour for this process to a minimum. It consistently provides a high level of cutting quality according to the pre-set demands.

Strict standards of trimming

There are various steps involved in the trimming process - making it a very labour-intensive process. Depending on the final trim to be achieved, the back-contour, the belly-contour and the surface of the fillet need to be trimmed.

Performing these steps efficiently and accurately requires highly skilled and trained workers. However, even the most highly skilled and focused operator at the trimming table will not be able to maintain the necessary high levels of concentration all day long. It is for these reasons BAADER decided to introduce automation to this part of the process by releasing the BAADER 988.

The BAADER 988 Trimming machine

High yield and quality

In the Trimming Episode of Salmon Sessions, BAADER experts explain the customer benefits the BAADER 988 trimming machine has to offer. Firstly, it automates the process of trimming salmon and sea trout fillets almost completely, reducing the need for manual labour to a minimum. Not only does this solution offer obvious advantages with regards to yield and product quality, it also ensures the highest hygiene standards are kept. Fewer people handling the fish means a lower risk of cross-contamination. The cuts are more consistent than those of hand trimmers and the results will always be uniform, be it Monday morning or Friday night.

Fillet visualization

The BAADER 988 analyses each fillet carefully before trimming it. It contains a camera system, collecting information from each fish regarding colour, length, width, volume and orientation. The machine uses this information to calculate the cutting pattern. “A camera analyzes every single fillet by taking various pictures”, says Dennis Peukert, Area Sales Manager at BAADER.

“Based on the length, width and height, the machine software applies the correct trimming pattern for each fillet. Finally, circular knives trim the belly and the back contour as well as the surface of the fillet.” Colour grading allows for the definition of the colour category of the fillets according to a standard industrial scale, thus improving product quality monitoring and helping to select the varying trim cuts. The camera system also recognizes melanin spots.

Cutting on demand

The BAADER 988 processes the visual information collected by the camera system and performs the trim cuts according to the pre-set demands for each fillet. The machine offers the option to change the relevant parameters on the touch panel, giving the processor full flexibility to select specific cuts on demand. This ensures the final trim always meets the customer's expectations. Either the back area or the belly area can be trimmed with the surface tool. Optionally, a tail-cutter is available without reduction of the maximum speed of 50 fillets per minute, depending on the fillet size.

Trimming with full flexibility and precision – the BAADER 988

User-friendly setting

The BAADER 988 controlled via an operator-friendly touch panel. The processor can change the settings even during the trimming process without having to stop the machine running. Thus, “customer demands for new trimming patterns can be quickly adapted”, says Dennis Peukert in the video. “To learn a new routine, the trimming robot does not need any training. For even more flexibility, the BAADER 988 uses so-called super recipes, allowing for most profitable trims.” All the different recipes can be stored in the recipe archive, so they are always at hand when needed. Once set, the cuts can be repeated at any time without the need for new settings. This makes adaptations to changing market requirements quick and easy.

Easy handling via the HMI touch play – the Baader 988

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The open design of the BAADER 988 allows for easy cleaning to achieve the best hygiene performance.

The machine is prepared to receive cleaning in place (CIP) from the customer's side. Only one cyclone is necessary. In the Trimming Episode, Patrick Möller, leader of the BAADER service technicians, explains: “When it comes to servicing, the entire camera unit can be extracted with no effort”. In regards to recipe management, “the operator selects the required settings with only a few touches” on the dashboard. The trimming machine has an open and transparent architecture allowing easy cleaning and servicing from each side. It leaves plenty of room for service technicians to work around it.

Patrick Möller, Team Leader Service

Watch the Salmon Sessions

Watch the Automatic Trimming Session on-demand on to learn more about the machine of which more than 100 models have been produced today proving that it fulfils its purpose at full customer satisfaction.

Meet the Experts

Dennis Peukert, Sales Manager

Dennis Peukert joined Baader in 2014 as Area Sales Manager for Central Europe. He double proofed his education in engineering management with a German degree and a master from New Zealand, before starting his career within machinery sales in 2008. He appreciates the hands-on approach throughout the entire Baader organization. While on the job, Dennis enjoys travelling to different countries. In his free time, he likes to discover new places together with his wife and two sons.

Patrick Möller, Team Leader After Sales  Service

Patrick Möller has been an important member of the Baader service team ever since he joined the company in 2014. With his supportive and outgoing nature, he is leading a team of service technicians. Always in close customer contact, he ensures the high Baader Service standard - either personally or remotely. In his free time, Patrick likes to keep himself physically fit by performing Muay Thai.

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