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Breast deboning

Capturing individual bird weight allows for distributing birds to specific front half deboning lines in order to maximise yield. Furthermore, the BAADER LINCO breast deboning line offers a high degree of flexibility to process a wide bird size range.

The intelligent deboning system measures each front half in order to adapt the deboning process to the individual bird size. The result is high throughput, maximised yield and excellent product quality.


  • Optimised yield due to intelligent and individual measuring of each front half
  • Constant, high performance regardless of size variations
  • Precise cuts - first-class fillets
  • Great variety of cuts and product types
  • Adjustable during production to optimize uptime and ease product change

Product mix

  • Boneless fillets, rib meat attached
  • Boneless fillets, tender removed and rib meat on carcass
  • Boneless rib meat
  • Boneless butterfly, tender attached
  • Boneless butterfly, tender removed
  • Boneless fillets, tender attached
  • Boneless fillets, tender removed
  • Whole or disjoined wings
  • Yagen
  • Wishbone