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Skinning of breast fillets, legs and thighs

The Skinner 625 removes skin and undesired fat from chicken breast fillets (single and butterfly), whole legs and thighs. The Skinner 625 is designed to perform skinning without the use of water and includes a mechanical cleaning roller. As a standard, the machine can be programmed to apply a reduced amount of water to the skinner roller and the transport belts, if the specific product being processed requires it or for cleaning purposes. The time and duration of this water supply is programmable.

Skin-on and singulated products can be fed to a single or dual lane machine configuration to suit plant layouts.

A single adjustment ensures that skinning performance is never compromised and further daily adjustments are eliminated. Disassembly for cleaning and set-up for production require no tools.

  • Able to run up to 200 parts per minute
  • Waterless or low water consumption depending of the product processed
  • Consistent, high-quality skinning performance
  • Flexible set-up for maximum yield or maximum trim configurations
  • Simple to operate, disassemble, clean and maintain - no daily adjustments required
  • Robust design for low maintenance and cost of ownership
  • Open frame design and unobstructed skin discharge for easy conveyor integration
  • Available in 305 mm (12”) and 610 mm (24”) width to suit plant requirements
  • Timing belt drive system
  • Components secured to the machine during cleaning