Dynamic Weighing/Grading

Dynamic Weighing/Grading

Overview of our wide range of weighing solutions:


BAADER 1801 Grader Series for products up to 2 kg and up to 305 x 250 mm
BAADER 1803 Weigh Deck / Ejector Series in-line product weighing up to 10kg and up to 1,400 x 250 mm
BAADER 1805 Grader Series for products up to 4kg and up to 500 x 250 mm

Feeding Solutions for Dynamic Weighing


BAADER 1801 Grader Series

FOR PRODUCTS UP TO 2KG AND UP TO 305 mm length x 250 mm width

The BA1801-Series is designed to ensure efficiency in simple grading and sorting jobs at minimum operational costs. The Belt Grader consists of a feeding area, dynamic scale and distribution in one, robust conveyor, with one modular belt.

Product loading can be either manual or automated if the grader is integrated in a more extensive solution.

The machine is robust, durable and designed to the highest hygienic standards to prevent microbial growth and minimize cleaning time.

  • Economic and reliable grader solution
  • Stand-alone grader or integrated into a complete processing solution
  • Easy transport and installation
  • Easy and intuitive to operate via touchscreen mounted directly on the grader
  • Easy to clean
  • min. maintenance requirements
  • Sturdy, rugged and stable design
  • no monthly license costs / bin-fees

Available options:

  • Infeed Extension
  • Push Buttons
  • Bagging Attachments
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Target Batch Weighing



BAADER 1803 Weigh Decks / Ejector Series

Inline weighing for dustribution and/or yield monitoring solutions.

technical specifications see pictures


BAADER 1805 Grader Series

Highly customizalbe product line for various applications, with optional discharge conveyors and various packing attachments.

Please contact us for your special requirements.

Weighs, sorts and batches various products.

Product dimensions: length up to 1m

Product Weight: up to 15 kg

Parts per minute: up to 160 ppm

Dimensions: customized



Feeding Solutions for dynamic weighing

We offer different automatic and semi-automatic solutions for singulation and feeding our dynamic weighing systems - please contact us for further information.