Business Achievements

Business Achievements

Business Achievements


From production floor to board room – visualize performance

Avoid time and resource intensive rework and re-handling of products. Use our Production Management Software to get it right from the start. Let the software warn you about deviations and spend only your time on reacting.

A wide range of processing equipment can be interfaced with our Production Management Software: individual machinery, weighing units, product counters and vision systems. All this equipment provides a continuous real-time information flow that gives management a perfect overview of production performance.

  • Move decisions to shop-floor
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Maximize throughput
  • Capture machine performance and adjust accordingly
  • Monitor operator performance and target the training
  • Minimize give-away

IQ Yield

Monitor and Control Yield

The foundation the IQ Yield Monitoring is many years of experience within food processing industries. We know the importance of measuring and controlling the yield performance. The equipment we use for monitoring yield is like the cash register of the plant. Yield is money.

The system captures data throughout a process in order to monitor multiple yield control points defined by the customer. If yield performance is out of target the system will advise and adjustments can be launched.

  • Find the right target value for the processed product
  • Identify yield drop when it happens and react immediately
  • Dynamic and optimum machine adjustment
  • Operator performance surveillance
  • More uniform product results
  • Boosted profits


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Job Scheduling

Plan Job Execution for on-time delivery

Careful job scheduling is vital for successful order execution.Our Production Management Software can help you balance demand and production, and help you to be more proactive in managing the orders.

  • Overview of the general raw material needed
  • Remove paper from shop-floor
  • Easy monitoring of orders within the system
  • Support Reception, Work, Sales and Dispatch jobs/orders
  • Join multiple sales orders into one production job
  • Monitor job status and processes
  • Follow up on quality, yield etc.


Track & Trace

Your customers impose a demand for capturing and recording data regarding the product, and you as well have a need for tracking product data back to suppliers. But traceability is also about tracing loss of investment income between cost centres.

  • Up- and downstream traceability: from raw material batches to produced output batches
  • Traceability on various levels: Lot, batch, tray, box etc.
  • Shelf time
  • Cost centre yield performances
  • Quality checks throughout the process
  • Yield performances traces back to machine operators

Interface Service

Our Production Management Software can interact with and synchronize data between multiple systems.
  • The system can transfer data to and from the current ERP system: orders, customers, stock, products etc.
  • The system can transfer data to and from shop floor: machine availability, break downs, operator presence etc.