Filleting for Haddock

Filleting for Haddock


BAADER 588 Filleting Machine for small/medium Whitefish

Optimizing the Quality and Yield of every fish!
The BAADER 588 is an advanced unique  filleting machine for small and medium whitefish - fresh or defrosted. It is designed in a  completely new manner with respect to yield, hygiene, performance and fillet quality.
A stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throughput.
The fillets from this new BAADER 588 are of an extraordinary quality – even with soft fish.

Customer Benefits:

  • state-of-the-art hygiene

  • latest safety standards

  • high speed (up to 36 fish/min)

  • best fillet quality - even on defrosted fish

  • open design

  • easy cleaning

  • water cooled motors

  • easy maintenance

  • stainless steel

  • no electronics / cam-controlled

  • no pneumatics needed

  • adjustable operator platform for

  • better ergonomics

  • fish counter available

  • easy to operate via touchpanel

  • quick and easy switch over between

  • species with only little mechanical adjustments

Technical Data:

  • Fish species: Whitefish
  • Version 1: Working range small

    Alaska Pollack:
    approx. 150 - 450gr. (h+g)

    Version 2: Working range medium

    Atlantic Cod:
    approx. 350 - 2,500gr. (head on)
    approx. 35 - 70cm (head on)

    approx. 400 - 1,300gr. (head on)
    approx. 35 - 55cm (head on)

    approx. 400 - 1,500gr. (head on)
    approx. 35 - 55cm (head on)

    approx. 160 - 600gr. (h+g)
    approx. 15 - 35cm (h+g)

    Pacific Cod:
    approx. 350 - 2,500gr. (head on)
    approx. 35 - 70cm (head on)


  • Throughput: up to 36 fish/min
    (depending on operator skills and fi sh species

See BAADER 588 for Alaska Pollack in action: