BAADER 2801 Crab Butcher

Launch of our new Crab Butchering Machine - BAADER 2801

The BAADER Group have been working extensively the last two years to answer the call of Snow Crab processors to automate the task of Crab Butchering which is still a manual process in the majority of facilities throughout the world.

On August 20, 2014 BAADER is pleased to debut a revised Automatic Crab Butchering machine called the BAADER 2801 (successor of the CB801).  The BAADER 2801 prototype has been in trials during this past Snow Crab season in Newfoundland at Allen’s Fisheries Limited in Benoit’s Cove, NL located on the Canadian province’s west coast. 

The new machine incorporates new electronics, new butchering methods and tools, a smaller footprint and an emphasis on hygiene and safety.  The BAADER 2801 will provide processors with a machine that is consistent in the butchering process and is more refined and gentler on the product than our previous machine. The BAADER 2801 cleans the Crab sections or clusters in a manner that has reduced the cleanup time and amount of labor required for removing mandible, gills, and liver entrails commonly left with manual butchering.  Production Supervisors have noted that they know what comes from the BA2801 and what comes from the manual butchers – “the machine produces no rework, it is pack ready.”

Allen’s Fisheries Limited has been a great asset to BAADER in providing an area for the initial tests of the BAADER 2801.  Allen’s Fisheries Limited ran the prototype through trials and then normal production for evaluation purposes by an outside independent organization.  These trials and evaluation have proved very favorable and show that the machine is a definite asset for the processor in reducing the labor intensive process, repetitive strains and injuries on personnel, inconsistencies that exist with manual butchering as well as reducing cleanup time.

BAADER is delighted to offer todays Snow Crab Processor the BAADER 2801 Crab Butchering machine as a way to improve their production value and reduce costs.   

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BAADER 2801 Crab ButcheringBAADER 2801 Crab Butchering