Statement from Nova Sea

Statement from Nova Sea

Nova Sea is very happy with the performance and service from BAADER

Nova Sea and BAADEROdd Strøm - Managing Director of Nova Sea in front of BAADER 142 Gutting Line

NovaSea is a well known company in the salmon industry and is known worldwide for their very good products. It has always been a pleasure for BAADER to work and to continue working with NovaSea. They are considered as one of our best and most trustworthy customers around the world. Therefore we look very much forward to continue our work by starting up the new filleting line by end of the year 2013. The handling and the quality of the raw material at NovaSea is on a very high level and we look forward to continue this together with NovaSea to ensure that they get the best end-products as possible, but at the same time ensure a very high performance system for NovaSea to go into the future.

NovaSea, headquartered on the island of Lovund in Norway, has about 200 employees and an average annual turnover of 1.300 million kroner, thus NovaSea is one of the largest salmon processors on the coast of Helgeland.

Autofeed System – Gutting of Salmon

NovaSea already invested into a complete BAADER Autofeed System including four BA142’s Gutting Machines for Salmon in 2011. Furthermore, a manual gutting table and a manual fed BA142 has been integrated into this processing line. The implemented Autofeed System was already designed and prepared for the possibility to upgrade the gutting line with an intelligent k-factor system at a later stage. NovaSea owns today one of the most efficient slaughter houses for salmon in Norway.

 K-Factor System

Together with BAADER, NovaSea has already extended their Autofeed System beginning of 2013 by making use of the upgrade possibility. Implementing the k-factor system makes it possible to obtain certain attributes of each individual fish which is fed into the Autofeed System. Thereby, this unique system is based on the advanced BAADER vision system which has now been combined with dynamic scales of the Autofeed System. Taking the obtained attributes of each fish into consideration makes it possible to calculate the k-factor as part of the gutting process. This is a huge benefit for salmon processors as certain k-factor ranges are more attractive (e.g. yield) for a specific further processing step than others. Therefore, the k-factor for each individual fish is taken into consideration by distributing the fish to a certain processing step (eg. whole fish packing, filleting and freeze packing). The overall system including the k-factor and distribution system has been tailor made to meet the demands of NovaSea.

All k-factor information including fish size and weight is collected in BAADER's new software system B'Logic - delivered by BAADER Logistix. This makes it possible to provide the salmon processor with a full overview about the overall process from growing of the fish to the finished end-product.

 Filleting Line

NovaSea was looking for an innovative filleting line by taking the most advanced processing methods on the market into consideration. Finally, BAADER was chosen to deliver a full filleting line and the contract was signed during the SPE 2013.

This new filleting line will be capable to run with up to 24 fish /min ensuring a very high yield on raw material, high quality on the end product as well as a continuous throughput.  The ordered filleting line includes the entire process chain:  

·         Buffer spiral tanks (well known tanks supplied by Linco)

·         Descaler IS693 (Supplied by Baader Iceland)

·         BA434 Heading Machine

·         BA581 Filleting Machine

·         BA518 Transfer Unit

·         BA988 Trimming Machine

·         BA560 Inspection Unit

·         Various weighing units, this includes dynamic and static scales

·         All conveyors for handling products and off cuts / waste.

·         Grader Technology fillet grading and packing into boxes.

·         Yield monitoring system

·         Full electrical control system

The complete production and live yield monitoring is controlled by the Baader Logistix software B'Logic. Furthermore, the whole process is controlled by an advanced and user friendly B'Logic software system where all customer orders are handled directly from the whole fish gutting area to the filleting line into the packing area. This well proven system provides full traceability and full overview of all single machines in the processing line.

"We are very happy with the performance of the full automatic gutting line from BAADER and we are sure that we will get the best solution for further processing and the best service, too". Stated Odd Strøm, Managing Director (see photo)

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