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The BAADER Triad of Automation, Digitalization and Humanization

28 Jan

BAADER has set its participation in the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2020, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, at the Georgia World Congress Center from January 28 to 30, under a triad of ideas:Automation – Digitalization – Humanization.

“We chose this triad because we believe that these elements will be inseparable going forward,’ explains Dr Norbert Engberg, CEO BAADER Poultry. ‘At BAADER, we seek to find the best combinations of manual, intelligent, and automated processing and expect digitalization to enable both greater efficiency and higher humanization of work”.

The BAADER approach can be summarized as follows: ‘Ensuring automation, capturing digitalization and bringing the human into the centre’ to gain the highest possible value of the animal protein being processed. A new wave of automation at BAADER will be driven by the same gains that first brought automation and robotics into the workplace: to free human workers from dirty or dangerous jobs; to improve quality by eliminating errors and reducing variability; and to cut manufacturing costs. Data-driven automation systems will have additional capabilities, however, allowing the capture of entirely new sources of value in manufacturing.

At the booth, the BAADER automation competencies will be displayed in a combination of exhibited machines and interactive touch screens.

The displayed BAADER mid- and wing-tip cutting units called ProFlex Cut-Up Systems are able to cut the left and right wing separately to achieve correct positioning and a precise, anatomical cut that comes close to hand-cuts. Live demos throughout the exhibition will demonstrate how the ProFlex Cut-Up System is able to handle a variety of wing cuts.

A BAADER 605  from the market's most advanced refiner series shows how BAADERING™ can provide superior de-sinewed ground meat and the highest-quality residual meat when added to any meat, poultry, or fish processing line. BAADER global separator experts will engage with visitors about the high application range of BAADERING™ and can explain how the process supports maximum resource utilization.

The BAADER 660 Breast Cap Deboner demonstrates the BAADER concept of combining automation with manual work. This results in the best overall business case for the customer. Automation ensures a consistent skinning, cutting and scraping quality and reduces labour dependence. By leaving the fillet harvesting to manual workers, yield, and quality are constantly supervised. The intelligent breast cap measuring tool inside the machine ensures yield optimization.

How this concept will be transferred to the next generation of Front Half Deboners, replacing the industry standard of double-sided manual deboning lines, can be explored by fair participants visiting the BAADER booth B6635.

BAADER collaborates with customers, researchers, scientists, and partners from industry and the public to find innovative ideas and new ways to achieve a sustainable future of nutrition or a rapidly growing world population. This is the topic of the BAADER brand room. “It is through collaboration, networking, and data sharing that we invest in increasing co-product handling, waste elimination and the digital transformation along the entire food value chain”, summarizes Dr Engberg.

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