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BAADER Receives Major Order for Onboard Solutions in Norway

12 Oct

By the agreement, Napier AS from Langevåg, Bømlo, an experienced Norwegian- company operating process vessels, will have two new vessels equipped with each eight times six channel BAADER 101 maritime versions, including walkways, control belts with manual stunning and bleeding units each left and right, slides and electric control cabinets. All channels will be equipped with belly-back detection. The order represents the largest contract within this market segment in Norway for BAADER.

Each vessel will be able to stun more than 600 fish per minute, resulting in 200 tons of salmon per hour. This represents twice the volume currently on the market.

"We choose to work with BAADER because we have a strong focus on fish welfare and quality", says Kjetil Tufteland, CEO Napier. "The stun and bleed solutions are the heart of the vessel. Ensuring low-stress levels for the salmon and good bleeding leads to the excellent quality of the fish – while we give the fish the best possible conditions on their last journey."

"We appreciate that the long and trusting relationship we have built with Napier over the years through our local subsidiary has manifested in this significant order", says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER Fish. "Both companies share the same vision of ensuring optimal animal welfare and superior product quality to the end consumer. The offered processing solutions pay tribute to that".

The new maritime version of the BAADER 101 has been developed for this project in close cooperation with Napier. “The industrial competence of BAADER combined with the operational experience from Napier have resulted in a unique product”, highlights Tufteland.

Napier currently has four vessels in operation. All harvest ships have been equipped with the BAADER stun and bleed solutions. The two new vessels under construction will serve the new factory of Mowi on Jøsnøya.

Delivery is scheduled in two phases. The first eight times six channels BAADER 101 maritime versions with swim-in is set for Q3 2023, and delivery for the second system of this kind is planned for end-year 2023. The 70 x 15-meter vessels will become the owners' largest ships and create 50 new jobs.

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