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BAADER Joins Iceland Ocean Cluster

28 Apr

Utilizing 100 per cent of fish does not only have ecological advantages but also economic – as the leading provider of fish processing solutions, BAADER believes it to be the company’s duty to support the industry to make more with less. That is why BAADER officially joined the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) on 28 April 2022. The aim is to further strengthen zero waste in the global fish processing industry.  Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER and Dr Thor Sigfússon, Founder and Owner of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, signed the membership at the BAADER booth during the Seafood Processing Global (SPG) in Barcelona.

“BAADER is one of the biggest and oldest players in the fish processing industry and as such we have a responsibility to treat livestock with care as well as provide the necessary solutions to our customers to make the most of it – ideally using all of it”, says Petra Baader, Executive Chairwoman BAADER.

“Being a member of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, we intend to enhance our cross-industry collaborations with an integrative exchange of expertise as well as close networking with relevant institutes, institutions, and organizations”, adds Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER Fish.

New processing technologies, including green technology solutions, are crucial for reducing food waste and carbon footprint. Moreover, they can improve production quality, hygiene, energy, and water efficiency and thus bring added value to the customer even beyond sustainability. In fact, co-products can range from relatively low value, such as those used primarily as feed for livestock, to extremely high-value products found in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and functional foods.

“In the seafood world, millions of tons of fish co-products are discarded in landfills, which is both costly and a source of greenhouse gas emissions”, Dr Thor Sigfússon, Founder and Owner of the Iceland Ocean Cluster. “The Iceland Ocean Cluster and BAADER have agreed to collaborate on enhancing the utilization of seafood co-products. We aim to collaborate on assisting seafood companies that have the ambition to create value from side streams.”

At the Seafood Processing Global 2022 tradeshow in Barcelona from April 26 to 28, BAADER is showcasing its commitment to the IOC zero-waste mission with dedicated content in its brand rooms developed in cooperation with Dr Sigfússon. The company is also exhibiting the industry’s first advanced line solution for co-product handling and value-add consisting of a SKAGINN 3X mince line combined with the BAADER Refiner and third-party further processing equipment.

And there is more to come: BAADER sees its role as an enabler. As a member of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, BAADER has devoted itself to zero waste in the fish processing industry and will do so as an active participant in the network.

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