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BAADER at IPPE 2023: Making the Most of Each Bird

24 Jan

Higher bird and energy prices are challenging the global poultry processing industry while consumer spending power is declining due to high inflation rates. BAADER wants to enable processors to use their resources more efficiently to protect their margins.

With its participation at the fair in Atlanta from January 24th to 26th, 2023, BAADER will focus on the daily challenges of its customers regarding full resource utilization while meeting sales orders. At the booth, BAADER will present a selection of equipment that supports exactly that. One highlight is the new vision technology ClassifEYE® 2.0. Using artificial intelligence to identify deviant processing quality, ClassifEYE® 2.0 takes camera monitoring to the next level.

"The way intake product is handled is key to any processor's success. After all, the efficiency with which raw material can be turned into finished products determines the price it can command in a competitive market", says Norbert Engberg, Managing Director BAADER. "By incorporating our vision technology in strategic production areas, we aim to challenge traditional production. We look forward to discussing the future use of vision-based data with our customers at the fair."

During the fair, BAADER will hold live demos at the booth on all exhibited equipment: ClassifEYE® 2.0, the Front Half Deboner BAADER 661, the new grader, and the BAADER Refiner 604.

Featured Equipment at the IPPE 2023

ClassifEYE® 2.0

The automated, in-line vision inspection system ClassifEYE® 2.0 is designed to grade the whole bird by evaluating the sum of detected defects. These defects are detected at high speed to ensure a consistent and objective quality determination.

Front Half Deboner BAADER 661

Automation is a prerequisite for high-speed processing without being too dependent on labour. However, the level of automation must be balanced with the yield performance. The Front Half Deboner BAADER 661 helps to do exactly that by automating complex cutting and scraping processes while keeping customers in control of the final product quality and yield. It further allows for processing a wide range of front half sizes – including big product sizes – without compromising yield performance.

BAADER Refiner 604

Trimmings, wishbone stamps, carcasses, or fillets affected by growth-related myopathies – these are all co-products that can be further processed with the BAADER Refiner 604 into a high-quality product. The machine separates soft and solid components while maintaining meat quality.

New Grader Technology

The new grader technology uses a static weighing principle for high accuracy, product buffering, and sophisticated software algorithms to produce perfect batching jobs with minimum give-away.

IQF Freezer

The frozen global poultry meat market is expected to grow a lot in the upcoming years – especially for processors planning to export more products, freezing is essential. The Individually Quick-Freezing Technology from SKAGINN 3X, a new member of BAADER, is energy-efficient, allows for up to 40 per cent faster crust freezing, and has a capacity of up to 8,500 kg per hour. Due to its crust and core freezing, it guarantees highest yield, quality, and appearance.

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