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SinkabergHansen: “The world needs food! We want to expand!”

Aug 29, 2023

The drive behind this statement from Eskil Laukvik, COO SinkabergHansen, was the starting point for a significant increase in factory capacity.

Fish farming is a growing industry and SinkabergHansen has recognized the signs of the times and took action for the future.  

SinkabergHansen, a demanding and forward-looking customer, has made a considered decision and selected BAADER as its preferred supplier. The reasons for this choice lie in our reputation for delivering the best and most reliable solutions in the industry, as well as its unrivalled expertise in planning and executing comprehensive projects.

“When you have a supplier that can offer good products, both upstream and downstream, then it was an easy decision for us. We chose BAADER as a valuable partner after considering many other suppliers at length”, say Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg, CEO SinkabergHansen, and Eskil Laukvik, COO SinkabergHansen.

When evaluating potential suppliers, SinkabergHansen recognised the critical importance of finding a partner with a comprehensive approach. BAADER's ability to plan and execute complete projects from start to finish was a key factor in their decision-making process.  

When it came to planning, SinkabergHansen had the opportunity to first design the processing lines together with BAADER and then build the factory building around them - perfect conditions without being restricted by the limitations of a building.

“With this delivery, BAADER has once again proven that they supply high-quality equipment. We are extremely satisfied with it”, says Eskil Laukvik.  

In addition, SinkabergHansen was convinced by the deep understanding of the industry from BAADER and the company's ability to find tailor-made solutions for specific project requirements. Recognising that every project is unique, SinkabergHansen sought a provider with the expertise to meet the company's specific requirements. The proven ability of BAADER to develop and implement customised solutions confirmed its status as the ideal partner for SinkabergHansen's endeavours.  

“The expertise that BAADER brought to the project, when it came to building the right line to meet the required capacities, has been key to achieving the results we see today”, says Eskil Laukvik.

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