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Total solutions

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Total Solutions


BAADER LINCO offers wall-to-wall poultry processing solutions, from live bird handling to final product dispatch. Our solutions are based on a total value chain concept to ensure optimal benefit and value of each bird throughout the complete processing:


Intelligent processing

  • Shop-floor measurements, reporting and real-time alerts about production deviations.

Sustainable processing

  • Energy and water usage, waste reduction and value chain optimisation

Biosecurity and food safety

  • Measurements, barrier zones, containment and hygiene.

Leading animal welfare solutions

  • Live bird handling and stunning that minimise stress and injuries

Flexible leading edge processing

  • Meet the sales and market demands of the poultry industry today and in the future.


Our processing solutions adapt to our customers' capacity and processing requirements. From small-scale, small-investment solutions to high-speed, complex processing factories. Solutions prepared to grow with your needs.