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Making the poultry product more convenient to the customer means adding value to the product. The value adding in poultry processing virtually starts in the cut-up. A fast, precise and flexible cut-up system can make all the difference for your business.

The BAADER LINCO ProFlex cut-up system is offered in three variants: ProFlex Classic, ProFlex Premium and ProFlex Food Service.


ProFlex Premium

ProFlex Premium is a highly flexible cut-up system with bypassing possibilities that allow for targeted and controlled processing at high speed.


ProFlex Classic

ProFlex Classic is a reliable and precise cut-up system delivered in a complete frame structure ready to be installed.


ProFlex Food Service

The ProFlex Food Service cut-up line performs specialised food service cuts and can be delivered with a synchronised food service conveyor to collect all parts of the bird and transport them to the subsequent packing machine.