Optimize your filleting process

Optimize your filleting process


Optimize your Filleting Process

BAADER completes the filleting processing line by offering an analytical software tool that helps our customers to anticipate and change parameters throughout the entire line - parameters that directly affect profitability.

Let the system tell you where you can increase machine and operator efficiency and obtain a significant competitive advantage.

Executive Dashboard:

Easy production view and yield log. Web access via PC browser or via Smart Phone or Tablet to follow production anywhere at any time.

Throughput Monitor:

Periodically overview of items and kilos being produced on the line. Offers a quick overview of how the line is performing and where variations have been captured.

Yield Monitoring:

Yield calculations are shown as log and graph during specific time intervals, e.g. per lot or job number. As “add-on” events affecting yield calculation can be presented to further explain calculations. Business rules are used to “clean” the data.

Quality monitoring:

Quality input should be used to distribute products, compare suppliers and evaluate processing. Melanin spots are a good example of valuable information.

Process instructions:

See information on shop-floor about production progress (line speed, yield, production events etc) as well as working instructions (both text and picture)


Automatic grading is undertaken according to job and quality specifications such as size, weight, melanin spots etc. You can pack and label at the same time as an option (including legal packing on static scale).