Splitting for Saithe

Splitting for Saithe


BAADER 541 Saltfish Splitting Machine

Available with automatic neckblood removal!

Technical Data:

  • Processes:
    Whitefish: Cod, Pacific Cod, Saithe (Pollock), Tusk, Ling, Blue Ling, Brosme
  • Working range (fish length):
    45-110 cm (0.6-10 kg) (depending on specie)
  • Working range (trunk length):
    35-80 cm (0.4-8 kg) (depending on specie)
    Big fish version: 35-100 cm cod 35-110 cm ling
  • Throughput rate:
    10-36 fish/min
    Up to 30 fish/ min (big fish version)

Customer Benefits:

  • perfect saltfish cut
  • whole working range without adjustment
  • high flexibility regarding the cuts
  • high capacity - high yield
  • less downgrades, due to electronic measurement andmovement of the tools
  • automatic neckblood-removal device available
  • easy to clean


  • Right cut (Norway)
  • Left cut (Island)
  • Kongosplit
  • Big fish version