Gutting for Haddock

Gutting for Haddock


BAADER 444 Heading and Gutting Machine

Customer Benefits:

  • precise head cut for best saltfish quality produced on BAADER 541
  • symmetric belly cut
  • direct gutting possible without pre-bleeding
  • easy to feed without lifting the fish
  • processing of fi sh with or without head
  • careful removal of the gut-packages
  • separate transport of trunks, heads and guts out of the machine
  • easy to clean
  • hydraulic operator platform for better ergonomics optional available

Technical Data

Fish species: Cod, Saithe (Pollock), Haddock and Yellowtail

fish with or without bleeding cut
headed, ungutted fish
(from BAADER 434 – collarbone on the head)

Final product:
headed and gutted trunks
(collarbone on the trunk)
gutted fish , head on
headed and gutted fish
(from BA 434, without collarbone

Working range:
BA 444 S (small): 40-75 cm / 0.5-3 kg
BA 444: 50-90 cm/1-7 kg
BA 444 L (large): 75-105 cm/3.5-11 kg
BA 444 Yellowtail: 50-90 cm/3.5-9 kg

BA 444 S (small): 15-35 fi sh/min
BA 444: 15-32 fi sh/min
BA 444 L (large): 15-22 fi sh/min
BA 444 Yellowtail: 15-25 fi sh/min
Speed is continuously djustable

Operator: 1 person