Supplementary Products

Supplementary Products

Supplementary Products

Belt Grader 1801

One example for our Belt Grader Portfolio:

The Belt Grader 1801 consists of a feeding area, dynamic scale and distribution in one, robust conveyor, with one modular belt. The grader is designed to ensure efficiency in simple grading and sorting jobs at minimum operational costs.

The Belt Grader 1801 is designed to grade up to 120 pieces per minute depending on the product type and provided correct spacing between products. Product loading can be either manual or automated if the grader is integrated in a more extensive solution.

The machine is robust, durable and designed to the highest hygienic standards to prevent microbial growth and minimise cleaning time.


  • Economic and reliable grader solution
  • Stand-alone grader or integrated into a complete processing solution
  • Grading and sorting up to eight different categories
  • Easy transport and installation
  • Easy and intuitive to operate on a touchscreen mounted directly on the grader
  • Easy cleaning

Hopper Scales to visualize performance

Hopper Scales are a simple and reliable way to automatically weigh a flow of products into batches for further packing or data utilization. All our scales are designed for wet and rough food processing environment.

Key features:

  • Simple and robust construction – easy to maintain
  • Production automation – no manual product handling
  • High level of stability in weighing cycle
  • Digital load cell
  • High overload protection
  • Small financial cost, high return on investment
  • Continuous flow of weighing input – facilitate decision making

Large Hopper Scale model

This hopper is mainly applied for weighing large products such as whole fish, but can also be used for weighing large batches of product remains.

The hopper is emptied by opening the side gate. The shape of the hopper makes the product slide out easily and product handling is gentle.

Small Hopper Scale model

This hopper is applied for weighing a continuous flow of smaller products, eg. fish heads, or small batches of product remains. Combined with our Production Management Software, the hopper is ideal for yield monitoring.

The hopper is emptied by opening the side gate and letting the product gently slide out.

Double Chamber Hopper Scale model

This two-chamber hopper scale is designed to weigh fish heads and bodies after the BA 434 heading machine. First both heads and bodies of a specified number of fish are weighed, then the hopper bin containing bodies is emptied and a new weighing is undertaken in order to specify the weight of the head-load. The data is used for yield measuring

For gentle handling of the bodies, the bin is emptied by opening the side gate and sliding the product out.

Dual outlet Hopper Scale model

This one-chamber hopper scale has two outlet flaps for easy and fast emptying or for emptying to one of two different sides (by opening one flap at a time and delivering to one of two underlying conveyors). Ideal for handling batches for further packing.


Dynamic weighing in a world of process automation

In today’s world of automation there is a need for complete solutions for a wide range of weighing requirements:
  • Batching Processes
  • Product distribution for further processing
  • Yield Control
  • Performance monitoring

Weighing and controlling is one of the most common procedures in process automation and BAADER offers both standard and custom models to meet customer’s requirements.

Innovative Weighing Principle

The key element in any grading system built for the food industry is the dynamic weighing unit. High performance and minimized give-away are ensured by our unique batching and auto tare principle compensating for sticky parts on the conveyor belt during production.

Robust but sensitive

Our dynamic weighing units are designed for harsh process environment and suitable for sanitary food processes.

  • High speed, high accuracy
  • Hygienic construction, easy wash down
  • Digital load cell
  • High resistance overload protection
  • Guarantee for high reliability
  • Easy calibration procedures

Control Unit

The weighing unit is delivered with our LF 500 control unit mounted on the machine which makes it easy to operate the machine directly. The 12” terminal with keyboard is very user friendly and easy to operate – including waering gloves. During production important information is visualized on the terminal directly on shop-floor.


Yield Weighing

A total processing solution is an analytical tool that helps you anticipate and change parameters thoughout the Filleting Line - parameters that effect your profitability. Yield is where the money is and in order to improve your overall plant perfomance you need to monitor and control the yields for the complete line.

BAADER Fillet Sizer – Reduce give-away

Consistent and reliable packing throughput is the key word for this double-idle grading system. Using this efficient Fillet Sizer ensures a fully automated filleting line and packing that lives up to end-customers most demanding requirements.

Focus is on gentle product handling as the fresh fillet is a way too valuable product to compromise on quality and yield. Product damage is minimized by gentle pull off drop-point and chutes that gently slide the fillets to the packing station.

The Fillet Sizer delivers the fillets to the packing stations where boxes are packed according to pre-defined criteria: product weight, numbers, quality (e.g. melanin spots).

Two options can be applied regarding labeling:

  • Static weighing of boxes
  • Legal weighing on packing station and direct labeling

Key features:

  • Auto direct products for the correct pack
  • Fully automated fillet line, reduced manual handling
  • High speed, reliable grading
  • Possibility of direct labeling on the boxes when packing

The Fillet Sizer is supported by the intelligent software system. The software provides real-time monitoring and control throughout the complete filleting process.


Optimize your Filleting Process

BAADER completes the filleting processing line by offering an analytical software tool that helps our customers to anticipate and change parameters throughout the entire line - parameters that directly affect profitability.

Let the system tell you where you can increase machine and operator efficiency and obtain a significant competitive advantage.

Executive Dashboard:

Easy production view and yield log. Web access via PC browser or via Smart Phone or Tablet to follow production anywhere at any time.

Throughput Monitor:

Periodically overview of items and kilos being produced on the line. Offers a quick overview of how the line is performing and where variations have been captured.

Yield Monitoring:

Yield calculations are shown as log and graph during specific time intervals, e.g. per lot or job number. As “add-on” events affecting yield calculation can be presented to further explain calculations. Business rules are used to “clean” the data.

Quality monitoring:

Quality input should be used to distribute products, compare suppliers and evaluate processing. Melanin spots are a good example of valuable information.

Process instructions:

See information on shop-floor about production progress (line speed, yield, production events etc) as well as working instructions (both text and picture)


Automatic grading is undertaken according to job and quality specifications such as size, weight, melanin spots etc. You can pack and label at the same time as an option (including legal packing on static scale).


Project Equipment & Engineering

With BAADER you can get everything from one source. BAADER provides solutions.

BAADER plans, designs and set up complete processing lines as well as fish processing facilities ashore or on board ship. Conversions, extensions and modernization which are adapted to the specific requirements in each case, are usual practise as well.

The company takes up this challenge with a team of specialized project engineers, food technologists and practicians who, thanks to their great professional know-how, realize the finer points of economical fish processing.