Shellfish Butchering

Shellfish Butchering

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BAADER 2801 Crab Butcher

Technical Data:

  • Processes:
    Snow Crab (Opilio or Bairdi)
  • Working range:
    Carapace 95-150mm
  • Throughput rate: 18-42 crabs/min
    (depending on operator skills)

Customer Benefits:

  • consistent & predictable butchering results
  • higher yield
  • reduction in labor costs
  • reduction in repetitive strain injuries associated with manual butchering
  • easy to operate
  • hygenic construction
  • adjustable speed to accomodate
    operators ability
  • machine / operator performance
  • Optional Sorting Unit to reduce labour and incorrect guess work in grading of Crab sections / Clusters.
    Provides clean streams of product for Packing area