Filleting for Salmon and Sea Trout

Filleting for Salmon and Sea Trout


High Speed Filleting Machine BAADER 581


The BAADER 581 is an advanced unique filleting machine for salmon. It is designed in a completely new manner with respect to yield, hygiene, performance and fillet quality. All tools are computer controlled and it is not necessary to pregrade the fish from 2 kg up to 7kg (gutted / head on).

A stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throughput. Settings of the machine can be changed during operation and can be stored in a recipe archive for easier handling. The fillets from this new BAADER 581 are of an extraordinary quality – very little trimming required.

  • High Speed - up to 25 fish / min
  • Best fillet quality:
    • clean end of heading
    • clean anal fin
    • no bone chips at tail area
    • white belly membrane on or off (C/D trim)
  • Less downgrades
  • Flexible on different species (e.g. Trout or Wild Salmon)
  • Flexible on different products (A-D Trim)
  • Stable run of the fish through the machine – less stops
  • Computer controlled tools
  • Best hygiene performance
  • Easy adjustable and to maintain
  • Remote Service
  • Fish species:
    Farmed Salmon (pre- and post rigor)
    Farmed Trout (pre- and post rigor)
    Wild caught Coho (defrosted)
    Wild caught Sockeye (defrosted)
    (other salmon species on request)
  • Working range:
    Farmed Salmon (gutted): approx. 2-7 kg
    Farmed Trout (gutted): approx. 1.2 - 5.0 kg
    Wild caught Coho (h+g): approx. 2-4 kg
    (collarbone on)
    Wild caught Sockeye (h+g): approx. 2-4 kg
    (collarbone on)
  • Throughput:
    up to 25 fish/min
    (depending on fish size and operator skills)

Fillet Transfer Unit BAADER 518 manages the product flow in the line. It rejects double placements and shortens the distance between the fillet for more efficiency in the following trimming machine.