Statement from Skagerak Salmon

Statement from Skagerak Salmon

Skagerak Salmon A/S increases capacity by 20%

Skagerak Salmon A/S increases capacity by 20%BAADER supplied Skagerak Salmon A/S with a Salmon Solution - from emptying the raw material boxes, heading, filleting, trimming, weighing, by-product handling, production control, etc. up to freezing and packaging.
Now Skagerak Salmon A/S boosts the capacity of the line by replacing their existing Baader 200 with the new BAADER 581 Filleting Machine. This gives higher capacity, better yield and better quality end product.

Skagerak Salmon A/S – Hirtshals

Skagerak Salmon A/S was established in 2006 and is part of the Skagerak Group dating back to 1930. They specialise in the production of high–class products – about 60% fresh and 40% frozen products, mainly E, C and D trim but nowadays also more and more portions and more value added products.

The vision of Skagerak Salmon A/S

Peter Luxhøi (Director of Skagerak Salmon A/S) says:
“Our vision is to be a supplier of mainly fresh products into the higher end markets in Central Europe. We want to produce to those customers who want high quality and reliable deliveries at a reasonable price. We do not go for the lowest price, but we try to supply our customers a top product and therefore we do not inject our products. You get a 100% natural product. In order to be competitive, even when we are not injecting our products, we invested in the Baader Salmon Solution which let us achieve a higher yield.”

Focus on yield improvement and high quality

Peter Luxhøi:
“We achieved that in two ways.

First of all by buying, of course, the right product from the right place at the right time. This we can control with the BAADER Production Management Software. We can monitor and evaluate the performance and quality of each raw material batch, and this forms the basis for future decisions about the best suppliers at the best price. We have a consistent quality regarding texture of the fillets throughout the year because we always buy where the texture of the fish is the best. Also the quality of slaughtering is a big issue – how they stress the fish and how they cool the fish down. If the fish is gutted with a BAADER 142 Gutting Machine it has a perfect princess cut and a really clean belly. This is the best precondition for high yield.”

“With the right equipment we reached our goal!

The second important thing is to have the right equipment.
Our demands on the equipment are first of all reliability, with high yield and efficiency, and, of course, good hygiene performance. You can say that today we have reached our goal. We have achieved a much better quality. We also know today that there is a strong relationship between yield and quality. So we have focussed on yield, and we know that quality follows closely.
With the new BAADER Salmon Line we have achieved a significant increase in capacity and yield and a considerably decrease in downgrading.
The new BAADER 581 Filleting Machine is a guarantor for high yield and good quality within its wide working range of 2-7kg fish without need for adjustments.

The new BAADER 581 Filleting Machine is very good at all this. The mechanical stress on the fillet is reduced. A major achievement in quality now!
With the new machine we have a much nicer appearance of the surface and, by the way, the machine is very easy to operate.”

Higher yield and about 20% higher capacity!

“So this is what we have achieved up to now:

  • Higher yield, better surface of the fillet, higher efficiency, higher throughput, much better performance of the line and less downgrading.
  • The downtime in the line has been reduced considerably due to the reliability of the BAADER machines.

Another important thing is that the fillets are passing through the production without delay, and this contributes to keeping the low temperatures in the fillets.

Why did you choose BAADER?

“First of all I would say that the BAADER machines are extremely well known and reliable, and BAADER has professional staff behind the machines, both as regards spare parts and service. It is also extremely important for us that BAADER is always working on improvements and new developments. They know the machines, but they also know what we as a customer are aiming at. Yield is the most important thing in this business, and it is extremely important to work with technicians who know how to achieve this.”