Statement from Marine Harvest

Statement from Marine Harvest

BAADER 581 - revolutionary design and performance

High Yield – Increased Capacity – High Quality - Hygiene Performance – Reliability - Traceability – Customer Service

Statement from Marine Harvest:

Marine HarvestMarine Harvest Eggesbønes, who tested the first Baader Salmon Line were very impressed of BAADERs new filleting Machine Baader 581 and the whole concept of the line even though the test-line had not all new features available. The Production Manager Filleting Department from Marine Harvest said: “The filleting machine is revolutionary due to its performance and the outstanding open design. It is easy to clean and maintain. The quality of the fillet is very good. We were so impressed of the efficiency and the product quality that we have decided to implement 4 of the new Baader Salmon Lines in our new filleting plant.”

Marine HarvestIn the today’s challenging food processing industry Baaders mission is to provide the best solutions to produce safe food safely worldwide. Reducing labour by eliminating repetitive manual tasks with safe and hygienic automated solutions is our goal.

Baader is also aware that food processors are always searching for improved ways to monitor and control their production. Baader is taking care of this challenge and offers a Production Management Software to monitor and optimize the overall production performance. Baader supplies the customer with all real-time key results for each stage with full traceability and give the manager the possibility to make necessary real time adjustments to optimize yield, quality and throughput.

Baaders NEW High Speed Salmon Processing Line is one perfect example of this Safe Food Solution and Quality in all phases - it consists of:

Heading Machine

  • Yield Saving with the BAADER 434 Heading Machine which performs a U-cut. Measuring each fish and self adjusting cutting tools for optimized cutting and yield performance for maximum yield.

NEW Filleting Machine

  • High Capacity and Best Fillet quality is only possible with the NEW High Speed BAADER 581 Filleting Machine - designed in a completely new innovative way with respect to yield, performance, increased throughput, production control, fillet quality, food safety, hygiene and maintenance. The quality of the fillet is probably the best ever in the world, at the highest capacity.

NEW Fillet Transfer Unit

  • Optimized flow of the fillets for higher throughput in the line with the NEW Automatic BAADER 518 Transfer Unit connected to the Baader 581 High Speed Filleting machine. It is the key for the highest efficiency in the line.

Updated Trimming Machine

  • Maximized production value, yield, throughput and quality with Baader 988 – the fully automatic fillet trimming machine. The well known BAADER 988 from Baader got a big “Face-Lift” with a new control system, new tools, higher speed and new vacuum system.
    It is a perfect solution for high-value trimming on customers’ demands. Each fillet is evaluated according to size, volume, colour and melanin and then cut accordingly.

Final Control

  • Baader 560 Final Control Unit has a modular design for online and optional offline trimming.
    With this Final Control Unit it is possible to control, remove or re-route fillets (e.g. with fillets with defects), according to the grade signals from the trimming machine, into different processes later on in the line.

Weighing and Grading System

  • For yield calculation, batching and managing the further product flow. It is designed with emphasis on accuracy, sanitation and provides sophisticated performance.

NEW Management Software

  • Full traceability with Baaders IT Solution for today’s most innovative salmon processors optimizes profits and overall performance of the production. It covers the whole value-added-chain within the production from reception to packaging and supplies all real-time key results for each stage with full traceability giving the manager the possibility to make necessary real time adjustments to optimize yield and throughput.

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