Statement from Master Good

Statement from Master Good

BAADER 604 successfully installed by BAADER-LINCO in CEE Region

MasterMaster Good Good Group of Companies from Hungary is 100% owned and directed by the Bárány family for four generations now and is one of the biggest vertically integrated Poultry Processors in Central and Eastern Europe, including fodder raw material & fodder production, hatching,  reeding & chicken farms and of course slaughterhouse and further processing facilities.

Besides its widely known processing technology for the fish and for the poultry industry, the BAADER-LINCO Group is also a world-wide leader in technology for separating soft from solid components for a broad variety of products such as red meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables and de-packaging.

The key process called “BAADERING” hereby separates the solid components from soft parts by pressing the products, e.g. poultry trimmings or carcasses in between a squeezing belt and a perforated drum, creating the renowned “BAADER Meat” – in a much gentler process than any hard separator could ever achieve and guaranteeing intact meat structure and low calcium contents.

Knowing this superior quality and high yield results from years of working with their previous BAADER-LINCO Soft Separator “BA600”, Master Good had an easy decision to take, when they planned to increase the capacity of their BAADER Meat production. Soon, Master Good and the BAADER-LINCO Group came to an agreement for the brand-new model of BAADER-LINCO’s Soft Separator family, the “BA604” and shortly after – 2 weeks ahead of delivery schedule – the BA604 was on-site in Kisvárda, Hungary!

Just a few days later, the BAADER-LINCO Group successfully installed, started up and fully trained the operating staff in using the BA604 in only two days. Both installation and start-up were realized without the slightest problem and Master Good’s experience from successfully working with their previous Soft Separator allowed for a fast and professional training – in fact even on the day before the actual training the new BA604 was already running at full speed and fully integrated into Master Good’s production process.

A very happy Joszef Szurkos, Technical Director of Master Good Kft., resumed after the installation “I am very satisfied with the result! The new machine gives us the good quality meat we know from our previous BAADER Separator and the new machine with higher capacity will take our BAADER Meat production to the next level.”
BAADER LINCO at Master Good
(From right to left: Service Technician Wolfgang Rudolph, Area Sales Director CEE Gero Heeschen and Master Good's team of operators, maintenance and cleaning personnel during training.)